1. NorseBlood

    Witherfall's Dragon Rojo drummer saga

    This is a good interview with Joseph Michael of Witherfall, and it gives a glimpse into the time, effort, and commitment that goes into a show. "Pro" Drummer GHOSTS the BAND day before MAJOR FESTIVAL!
  2. O

    Witherfall very Nevermore sounding...

    Found out about this debut on another forum. You can definitely hear the Nevermore,Opeth and Savatage influence. Along with hints of King Diamond. Thoughts?
  3. KingsGene

    R.I.P. Adam Sagan, drummer for White Empress, Circle II Circle, Into Eternity, Witherfall

    DRUMMER ADAM SAGAN LOSES BATTLE WITH CANCER; WHITE EMPRESS, CIRCLE II CIRCLE AND INTO ETERNITY BANDMATES PAY TRIBUTE - "THE WORLD HAS LOST A GOOD SOUL" "...White Empress drummer Adam Sagan, who also performed with Circle II Circle, Into Eternity and Witherfall, has lost his battle with blood...