2 nights ago i met one of my artistic influences and such-and-such idol TWO


Sep 12, 2002
the 2nd one i have met in the span of 8 months.

he gave a small lecture in bennington VT @ the library there - i happened to catch a flyer for it by chance while wandering around bennington over the weekend. really weird.

so i went to this lecture, and there was about 6-7 of us there, half of which were actual librarian who prattled on and on about 'graphic novels' and 'that graphic novel sin city', kind of losing sight of the fact that this was a lecture on the evolution of the horror illustration as used in comic books (the only reason i attended). it's amazing to me that a discussion most often gets sidetracked (backtracked) by the event organizers themselves, it's something i've always noticed.

anyhow my mind was blown because, due to a misspent educational phase while i was younger, i never quite learned to draw or symbolize as best as i can, and this guy is apparently teaching a "comic history course" (bleh) at a comic book illustration school, the 2nd of it's kind on american soils, opening this fall in upstate VT.

i nervously approached him after the stupid Q&A session (about sin city, which he had nothing to do with), fought for his attention w/ a total comic book guy, and stammered that i always liked his work, stupidly noted that "he's one of my 4 favorite artists" (still cringing on that one), and tried to tell him that his work always conveyed the atmosphere of VT and southern NY perfectly (because the lecture ended, strangely enough, on the topic of frank miller's VT-centric life and how he wound up drawing citiscapes, while lecturer in question stuck with rural themes), and that i always admired that/aspired to grasp that.

my reason for posting this is this: has anyone ever met a craft-oriented "idol" figure and been inundated with SO much information that you've felt completely confused for days afterwards? i mean, i know i'm a little too hypersensitive to targeted issues (even at this old age), but fuckkkkk

**ps: this is probably really arrogant and not even worth mentioning but i don't even really like or follow comics, and told him that
i will, i will, i will by sometime tomorrow mid-afternoon because today i'm retreating to new paltz, in the rain, in order to drink coffee/read a book/purchase a wooden bowl and wooden sushi serving block thing (for non-sushi food projects) that i saw there before. is that cool?
so i told him that i don't like comics, then asked him how hard it is to get into this college, the age range of people attending, and stuff like that. jesus christ.
i would really like to but i dont have a car :( sat is my sister's birthday also. but like yea i mean i will be there until sunday