7 Horns 7 Eyes cover mixtest


Apr 24, 2009
Bath, UK

This is a new mix of mine, I decided to do a cover of a couple of riffs from 7 Horns 7 Eyes' track "Vindicator" as it features one of my all-time favourite mixes (and guitar tone compliments of the Sneapster himself!)

Obviously the musical content is not my work, if you like this please go support the band. They have just released their EP "Convalescence" and will be putting their album out soon on Century Media Records. The original track can be heard here:


I'm using my brand new custom ViK Duality 7 string, the pickups are passives custom made by the luthier. The guitar tone is courtesy of the Axe-FX Ultra, using the 5150 amp model for rhythm and the USA Lead 2 amp model for leads, all with stock cab IRs. Drums are Superior 2.0 (Mostly the "Evil Drums" expansion), and the bass track is Trillian.
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holly balls that sounded awesome!! There was a china at the end that sounded a bit too loud though.