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Man Behind The Curtain
Dec 26, 2002

Our latest signing to The Laser's Edge is a new Dutch band called A Liquid Landscape. They are a contemporary progressive rock band that will appeal to fans of Dredg, Anathema, Porcupine Tree, and Tool.

Their debut album, entitled ‘Nightingale Express’, is all about a journey, both inwards and outwards. It´s about finding a place to belong, a brooding sense of uncertainty and, ultimately, self deception. Like any journey, it has its ups and downs, it´s highs and lows. But ‘Nightingale Express’ is much more than just a concept album. The band wanted to go all out, so they hired moviemaker Lex Vesseur to create something to accompany the album visually. The result is a short film with spectacular imagery, to be shown during live shows and available on the website.

A Liquid Landscape have shared the stage with many bands like Karnivool (AUS), Anathema (UK) Riverside (PL) and Thrice (US) and played in major venues such as 013 and the Melkweg. Not to mention being a Dutch Grand Prize finalist in 2010. A Liquid Lanscape have just finished working on their debut album, Nightingale Express, which is mixed and mastered by Australian top producer Forrester Savell. Known from productions for Karnivool and Helmet. ‘Nightingale Express’ will be featured by a short movie from moviemaker Lex Vesseur, and will be released January 2012. Both the music and film return in an interactive rock show with live VJ