Abscession - old school death metal!


Rotten undead buccaneer
Hey guys,

We're Abscession and we have one goal: to play brutal, old school, swedish death metal in the vein of Entombed, Bloodbath, Edge of Sanity, Grave etc.

We just finished recording our debut release called "Death Incarnate" and it will be released by Suffer Productions early in 2010 so keep yer eyes open!

Feel free to check out one of the songs from Death Incarnate on our myspace, and let us know what you think!


Hey guys, just writing to let you know our debut release is finally out on Suffer Productions!

To get your copy of the tape, you can send those guys an e-mail here: suffer-prod[AT]t-online.de (just change the [AT] to @) or visit http://www.suffer-prod.de.vu!

Don't be slow, or you might miss one of the extra limited RED tapes! Only 66 of those babies will ever be made, EVER, so get your hands on it while it's available. Each one is hand numbered and professionally printed, so at €3 it's a friggin steal!

If you're slow you can still get your hands on the awesome-looking black tape. We've got a hundred of those, so you still better be quick about it!

We got our first review of Death Incarnate, and it's a damn good one!

"Abscession - Death Incarnate MC
The Swedish death metal act Abscession have just released their debut demo through Suffer Productions. Limited to 166 copies (66 on red, 100 on black tapes) it contains three tunes of the finest old school death metal I've heard in a long time - supreme!"

Read the full review at http://www.mylastchapter.net !