Album 4: Contract Terms

Mmm...some thoughts (please take the contract we signed for OBAB and check out with that one's paragraphs:

By signing this contract...etc. section:

1) License duration: 5 years is fine

2) First press-run: i must talk to Alive. I guess it will be more than the previous album, we can start with 2.000-3.000 copies (for the jewel case). Special edition: i suggest we do it. As for this: we must think about extra contents - do you already have any idea? If you need copies of this one, you can buy at pressing costs (+ shipment), is that ok?

3) ok

4) ok

5) ok

6) artwork: let's share the cost 50/50?

7) ok

8) ok, we just need to update the release dates accordingly

9) ok

10) ok

11) ok

12) ok

13) ok

14) ok

15) ok

16) ok

17) ok

Promotion section:

1) If you pay for Oktober Promotion, i can pay say for Earsplit - i'm gonna check out if they do also Europe or not. Otherwise i'm checking out other companies doing UK, France, etc.
Btw, are you sure Oktober only does Germany?

2) ok. Must check out which mags it makes sense to push with the ad. Oktober promotion can help assisting on this.

3) Oktober / Earsplit will do this.

Royalties section:

1) Payment of mechanical to GEMA in Germany.

2-3) Let's do like this, to make it simple - I can give you:
- 1 euro / 1 US dollar for each copy sold (beside mechanicals)
- 0 (zero) euro / dollars for each copy traded with other labels (i won't trade any copies of the album say in the first 6 months after the release date)

4) ok

5) Euros / USD

Merch section:

Ok for everything

Please let me know other thoughts about the contract.
Hi Lorenzo,
We will go through more thoroughly - however, for now:

- can you please re-send the OBAB contract to our email
- Regarding Oktober: they do only German speaking countries - Austria, Switzerland, Germany

All other points we can talk about more very soon once we have had another look at the contract.
Thanks Lorenzo.