ALGAION "Exthros" Video Trailer Released

Apr 29, 2008

A 1:05-minute video trailer from Swedish Dark Metallers ALGAION's upcoming full-length effort entitled "Exthros" (which means "Enemy" in Greek), is now available at this location:

"Exthros" is ALGAION's first full-length album in 13 years, since the last ever effort "General Enmity" in 1997, albeit a vast change of musical direction comparing to the melancholic style clearly evident in "Exthros".

...::: ALGAION "Exthros" CD :::..


>>> Tracklisting <<<

1. Alpha
2. That Time Is Nigh
3. Theos Tou Aimatos
4. We Are The Enemy
5. The Last Of The Cursed Days
6. Nature Our Slave
7. Ruach Adversi
8. This Is Our Temple
9. Sign Of Evil Existence / Era Of Satan Rising
10. House Of War
11. Omega

The pivotal alliance of disheartened melodies and hauntingly unforgettable tunes; this is exactly what longtime Swedish kings of despondence ALGAION is all about.

Thirteen years of unvented disconsolation resulted in the spawn of 'Exthros' and is already one of the most powerful and dazzling showcase of amorous melo-riffage, unorthodox yet sensual passages and the undeniably flawless performance of Mathias Kamijo (ex-Pain, Morifade), Mårten Björkman (Arditi, ex-Octinomos) and Robert Eng (Corporation 187, ex-Satanic Slaughter).

'Exthros' is an unrivaled blend of scathing Blackened Death Metal with the incessant alluring gloom that made ALGAION ever so unique to begin with. Be subdued by the dark splendor of 'Exthros'!



Mårten Björkman - Vocals
Mathias Kamijo - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Robert Eng - Drums
Tobias Leffler - Live Bass
Viktor Klint - Live Guitar

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