Altere - A Quick and Steady AIM


Forest: Sold Out
Jul 5, 2003
By Jason Jordan

I don’t usually pen introductions to my Unsigned Spotlights, but this warrants one methinks. For the past few years, I’ve been fascinated by Hunter S. Thompson and Gonzo Journalism. So as a wacky tribute to the writer who composed Hell’s Angels and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, most notably, I interviewed the one-man outfit Altere in the same vein. What follows is a conversation conducted via AOL Instant Messenger – or AIM for short – and I haven’t touched it whatsoever. In other words, I didn’t cut or edit a thing, and I’m aware that it’s quite lengthy, which means you may want to print it out and read it. Either way, I think it meshes with the spirit of Altere very well. Pawel Goj (IamAltere) and I (circusofdust) had a lot of fun, as you will see for yourself. Enjoy!

Part I: Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 from 11:00PM to 12:20AM

circusofdust: Pawel?
IamAltere: yup
IamAltere: who else with that SN
IamAltere: ill sue them
circusofdust: one of your millions of fans ;-)
IamAltere: lol, yeah, all right
circusofdust: so how are you doing?
IamAltere: this is not too late for you is it?
IamAltere: I'm fine, hard day at work but I took a nap
IamAltere: How are you?
circusofdust: pretty good, I've got about an hour to spare before I have to get to bed, but I'm good for now
circusofdust: listening to some Tides. what are you listening to, if anything?
IamAltere: right now the sound of the fans on my PC
IamAltere: i was going to get in the mood with some Katatonia maybe
circusofdust: nice, heh heh
IamAltere: hold I am actually getting some tea ready
IamAltere: hold on
circusofdust: que
IamAltere: always drink tea with honey, very relaxing
circusofdust: that's what I've heard. so, what are you doing for work these days?
IamAltere: I am a Teller Supervisor at a bank
IamAltere: imaginary supervisor
IamAltere: they had to give me some title
circusofdust: I work at a bank, too, as you know, but I wasn't sure as to whether you still did or not. looks like you do, though. uh, yeah.
IamAltere: Yeah they forced me into an imaginary title for 3 years of slavery
IamAltere: Are you a teller?
circusofdust: yup, been one for about two and a half years thus far
IamAltere: My bank has to be the worst corporation on the planet
IamAltere: we have the highest turnover rate of any place that I know
circusofdust: yeah, turnover rates are high in the banking industry
IamAltere: all kinds of crazy stuff happen at my branch
IamAltere:, my bank
IamAltere: it's crazy
circusofdust: is that what inspires Altere?
IamAltere: all kinds of fraudulent activity abounds
IamAltere: not really
IamAltere: wait is this the interview already? lol
circusofdust: I'm trying to coax you into one. :)
circusofdust: ha ha
IamAltere: damn your seduction
IamAltere: tea needs to simmer for a bit
IamAltere: you can go ahead and ask away if you want
circusofdust: oh, cool
circusofdust: any luck on that artwork?
IamAltere: well I just checked my email and my artist gave me both covers
IamAltere: something is up with logo though
IamAltere: I do not have any pictures of myself though
IamAltere: ...well...
IamAltere: not Altere designed pics
circusofdust: that's all right. are the covers of manageable size? like 150x150?
IamAltere: I can't just show up with my green aeropostale hoodie and designer everything else
IamAltere: uhmmm...i think so...I will send it to you now
IamAltere: you be the judge
circusofdust: cool, I've got to wait a little bit to post this stuff, however, since we just had an Unsigned Spotlight with Chickenhawk go up today I think
IamAltere: god i love that hoodie though, might just do it
circusofdust: have you signed up with UM yet?
IamAltere: nope not yet
circusofdust: 'tis a fun place
IamAltere: yeah I heard, one of teh reviewers that gave me an awesome review was raving about the place
IamAltere: whats ure email again?
IamAltere: all right i just forwarded you an email
circusofdust: the first thing I'm curious about is your actual name - Pawel Goj. what heritage did that name trickle down from and where are you located as of now?
IamAltere: see if you can open the logo, I can't for some reason
IamAltere: I am Polish. I cam to America probably eleven years ago. I currenty reside in the overtly expensive and over rated New York City.
IamAltere: (off the record) fix my spelling mistakes lol
circusofdust: I can't open the logo either, but it's no matter right now
circusofdust: nothing is off the record! :-D
circusofdust: overrated?!
IamAltere: dude NYC sucks
IamAltere: in everything
circusofdust: ha ha
circusofdust: fun place to visit, but extraordinarily expensive you said
IamAltere: people have this kind of an image of this city like it's some kind of a metrosexual haven blows...
IamAltere: yes, expecially these past couple years
circusofdust: Poland: now there's a metal haven
IamAltere: yes, it is...lots of good bands...RIP Doc(greatest drummer ever)
IamAltere: what's the fascination with Poland and black metal anyway
IamAltere: it's 97% catholic or something...but..lots of satanic anguish...
circusofdust: I don't know. Stuff from Poland that's been coming across my desk as of late has been primarily death and grind.
IamAltere: lots of that too
IamAltere: brutal music for the most part
IamAltere: all right truck on dude...
circusofdust: I know it's sort of a cliche question, but what does Altere refer to?
IamAltere: clarify...
circusofdust: what does "Altere" mean?
IamAltere: The name is actually the middle point between Alter and Altered. It constitutes change or something in the process of being changed but it has not achieved that full transformation yet. The project itself is about a spontaneous and direct musical translation of a particular emotion.
circusofdust: that's a really cool, significant meaning. do you think the whole improvisational standpoint is going to discourage labels from signing you? are you willing to compromise the one hour "rule" you have in place?
IamAltere: Yes, I do believe my music will deter a lot of labels. The improvisational aspect alone would make anyone cringe, since I am not an uber talented musician and anything that comes out may sound like third rate nonsense. However, I am willing to compromise the rule, yes. I have been thinking of ways where I could cheat it, however it would be very hard. The only way I can still keep that rule in place is if I somehow raise enough money for my own home studio. It would however, in a way, destroy the intended purpose of the project. But there has to be a way that I did not think of yet. Either way it will sound almost the same, only a bit more polished.
circusofdust: true. I mean, I think you have a lot of potential, definitely, and I want to see what you do on, say, a full-length...
IamAltere: A lot of people say that. I have tons of ideas that I would try and spear head and realize from this musical project whcih I was hoping would be a spring board of sorts to other things.
circusofdust: alas, time and money rear their heads, right?
IamAltere: Unfortunately that is the ugly side of a creative outlet
IamAltere: Although you would freak out if you would see my "recording studio" now
circusofdust: I think "Pieces of I" looks great, though.
circusofdust: "My Blood, My Tears" isn't shabby either.
IamAltere: stop kissing my ass, ill believe it when I see teh review
IamAltere: lol
circusofdust: >:eek:
circusofdust: ha ha
IamAltere: Thanks though, makes me feel kind of warm and gooey on the inside
IamAltere: i really appreciate a lot of peoples comments and critics reviews
circusofdust: I have a theory that you mixed Ashlee Simpson ("Pieces of Me") with Meshuggah ("I") to come up with "Pieces of I." Is that true?
circusofdust: :p
IamAltere: lol
IamAltere: thats cute
IamAltere: lol
IamAltere: You know...there's a musical combo that has been flirting in my mind for a while
circusofdust: who's that?
IamAltere: I always had this idea of bringing in an R&B/Pop singer for a musical song hat would sing over some technical death metal parts
IamAltere: and I have one in line if I ever get signed
IamAltere: It would sound...unimaginable...
circusofdust: I can believe it. are there any labels you think you'd fit in with?
circusofdust: perhaps JWW's Audio Savant, if you were more eclectic?
IamAltere: Off the top of my head, obviously The End Records and their many partners. I have been looking at Crucial Blast, Napalm Rcords, ColdMeat and a few others, where I will focus on with my press packages.
IamAltere: I have not heard of that one
IamAltere: im googling it now...
circusofdust: very, very small. you may know JWW from Agalloch, Sculptured, and Especially Likely Sloth
circusofdust: Crucial Blast are great
circusofdust: is/are whatever
IamAltere: the problem with these labels though is that for me to succeed I need smal financial backing. And the inside stories I have been hearing from the grapevine is that none of them will do that. Also a lot of the bands do not even break even. So my hopes have been lowered significantly.
IamAltere: Of a label taking a chance on me
IamAltere: I have everything lined up though. I can record in a decent studio for free and put out a decent EP or Full Length with almost no cost.
circusofdust: yeah, seems like a long shot since there are hundreds of thousands of bands out there, but I wouldn't give up hope. once this Unsigned Spotlight hits, you'll have Century Media practically banging down your door trying to sign you!
IamAltere: You know, maybe at some point I wanted to sign with Century Media, but not anymore.
circusofdust: any labels based in NYC that you know of?
IamAltere: none, it's a horrible city, we barely even get any shows
IamAltere: I am not much for networking either, as you know. So it would be hard for me to just go up and talk to these people.
circusofdust: I've heard it's hard to play NYC, except for like B.B. King's
IamAltere: Yes, lots of clubs closed down, horribly promotion and the booking rates skyrocket
IamAltere: horrible
IamAltere: I mean, shows here with In Flames do not even sell out
IamAltere: and I barely even hear about them
circusofdust: Louisville, close to where I'm based, is really starting to improve as far as amount and quality of shows are concerned
circusofdust: Got Ion Dissonance, Opeth, and Between the Buried and Me coming to town soon
IamAltere: everywhere else except NYC
IamAltere: pfff, man...if we got Opeth here, I think it would be the second coming of Jesus
circusofdust: You mean Mikael Akerfeldt himself?
circusofdust: ha ha
IamAltere: right...sitting on stage...with his acoustical guitar
IamAltere: and the camera always on him
circusofdust: yeah, you heard "Ghost Reveries"?
IamAltere: Yes I did. In my opinion, it's interesting but at this point, since Orchid(?) things have been meshing a lot. And I am starting to hate that typical off tune chugga strike guitar riff that they keep on using.
circusofdust: yeah, it's all right, but I generally stick to Still Life and earlier.
IamAltere: sorry
IamAltere: Still Life
IamAltere: thats what I mean, not Orchid
IamAltere: Yes, Still Life is a gem
circusofdust: My Arms, Your Hearse is great too
IamAltere: Yeah but thats more old school. I respect it as a musician and listener, but I am from the new generation. I like the newer stuff better.
IamAltere: Thats sad, the new generation...people will not know who Black Sabbath is and list their influences as In Flames, and Opeth. Sigh...
circusofdust: any plans for your future music?
IamAltere: I will finish off the project with my 3rd and final demo called (...) It is actually a spin off from the "Pieces of I" sessions which was supposed be my final calling. I had an idea during those recordings where I would just go silent and let the music speak for itself. I could not put 10 songs on the demo, so I seperated the mostly vocal parts and the instrumental pieces. I will go out with a bang though with hopefully 2 bonus tracks in the ALTEREFIED section. When this project started I wanted to also help people realize their dreams. So I took it upon myself to find musicians on myspace that are very talented and have trouble finding vocalists or wanted to know how their music sounds with vocals on it. I coerced one guy to do a certain cool bluesy project and did vocals for him in an Opethian style. And the other song that I will hopefully include on it is a very popish number. I like both of them and the music is really great. I can't wait fo rthe reviewers to say something about those two tracks and hopefully bring some publicity for those two people. Other than that, unless a label will take a chance on me, the music will probably be over. I think I somehow settled past debts with some demons when this project reared it's eccentric head, and I am satisfied with what has happened. However if I ever get to somehow do othe rmusical things, I will bring forth my R&B acapella metal...and my classical with growling vocals styles to the front lines. day...
IamAltere: goddamn that was lengthy...
IamAltere: also I will be featured on the critically lambasted and roasted Metal Ostensation comiplation cd where a new vocal track called "Leave me" will appear. It's probably my 2nd most challenging vocal song next to "I'm Sorry" from "Pieces of I".
circusofdust: nice! well, man, I hate to cut you off but I gotta get going. sounds like we should probably continue this sometime soon, though.
IamAltere: continue the interview?
circusofdust: yeah, unless you don't want to, or feel like you said everything you needed to?
IamAltere: good luck transcribing this by the way lol
IamAltere: I definitely would like to continue, this is more fun then I thought. I finally et to say stuff I always wanted to say. You have to gran a dying mans(Alteres) wish right?
IamAltere: unless you feel satisfied that is
IamAltere: yes...I am very jaded, now stop thinking it
circusofdust: ha ha. actually, I was thinking of posting this as is - an unedited, uncut AIM conversation, which is most likely the first of its kind. that idea sort of coincides with your impromptu MO, but I can turn this into a traditional interview if you like...
IamAltere: no this is cool. When I was planning to interview people(comic book artists, musicians) I always wanted to post unedited AIM conversations.
IamAltere: so you can steal my idea
IamAltere: i let you
IamAltere: so thats it then?
circusofdust: steal your idea before I knew about it? :p heh heh. anyway, in the meantime, send me the logo if you happen to procure it. you can also check out the official Katatonia forum on UM, and you should sign up too. :)
circusofdust: do you want to do a part two?
IamAltere: Will do, under the monicker of Altere
IamAltere: hmm...
IamAltere: yyou can still ask me more questions aboyt the reason behind Altere
IamAltere: why I do what I do
IamAltere: I dont know...I feel like this will be my only interview ever
circusofdust: well, it's entirely up to you
IamAltere: so I might as well go out with a bang
circusofdust: cool!
circusofdust: how about next week sometime, and I'll email you with a day
IamAltere: no problem, I will accomodate you anyway possible
IamAltere: and dude...ure so going to write for a publication
IamAltere: come u arent anyway?
circusofdust: like, in print?
IamAltere: yeh
IamAltere: i see your review(excellent) and your interview(equally cool)
IamAltere: I don't get it...
IamAltere: reviews and interviews
IamAltere: and I can tell you are very well educated and a great writer...
circusofdust: I haven't been offered a job, and I don't really feel like pursuing one right now, unless I'm solicited directly. Thanks for the compliments, definitely. I'd have to lighten my workload, though, by quitting one of the webzines probably, and I hope to be attending grad school this fall, so...a lot of shit going on at once.
IamAltere: I understand...I know how that feels.
IamAltere: all right go to sleep
circusofdust: I would love to write for a magazine. Metal Maniacs is cool, as well as BWBK.
IamAltere: yeah BWBK more than Metal Maniacs
circusofdust: what are you going to school for, or are you?
IamAltere: Well it's complicated now...I cannot pass calculus for anything...I can get As and Bs in everythign else besides that( I had a 90 avg in Cal 2 semesters and failed final so I failed class)...I am studying accounting.
IamAltere: I am in an internal tug of war betweeen doing something practical and ding something creative
IamAltere: and you parents ae European so they have control over my life
IamAltere: so I do things behind their back...
IamAltere: like this music..
circusofdust: well, I've found you often have to resort to doing both at once
IamAltere: yes
circusofdust: and losing sleep over it
IamAltere: hey...I sleep at 3-4Am everyday
IamAltere: writing reviews, stories or Altere
IamAltere: hopefully something will becomes of it one day...
circusofdust: good luck, and I'll get in touch about the next intie
circusofdust: :)
circusofdust: or part two, rather
IamAltere: sounds cool, I really appreciate this
IamAltere: thansk a lot
IamAltere: thanks
circusofdust: it was fun
circusofdust: and you are welcome
IamAltere: likewise
IamAltere: goodnight dude
IamAltere: Altere signing off
circusofdust: night!
IamAltere signed off at 12:19:19 AM.

Part II: Friday, January 20th, 2006 from 11:05PM to 1:06AM

circusofdust: What's going on?
circusofdust: ?
IamAltere: hey
IamAltere: sorry
IamAltere: was away for a bit
IamAltere: whats up?
circusofdust: not much, man. just woke up from a massive nap. groggy... you?
IamAltere: im getting ready to fall asleep. I have to wake up at 5 Am for an 11 hour work day.
IamAltere: naps are bad aren't they...screwed up my entire metabolism while at college
circusofdust: yeah
circusofdust: but whatcha gonna do?
IamAltere: i agree...i can't help it. After a hard day, you just give in to the soft pillow.
circusofdust: definitely. let me know when you gotta get to bed....
IamAltere: when you run out of things to throw at me
IamAltere: i get 3 hrs sleep max on a friday-saturday
IamAltere: meaning i usually go to sleep 1 or 2 AM. Yeah...saturday at work is a bitch...
circusofdust: how so?
IamAltere: Well, I am tired as heck. And i have to do 11 hrs of work. Plus thats when I have to supervise, so i run around like crazy all the time. Sometimes i just pretend to do work b/c I am just too tired.
IamAltere: But you have to do it and earn your money
circusofdust: are you guys open every day? are there any things you do enjoy about your job as bank supervisor?
IamAltere: The bank is open 7 days a week with crazy hours. I don't particularly like working at the bank at all. I don't mind taking responsibilty for things when my boss is out, which is what I have to. The only thing I do enjoy at the job is the people around me ae really cool and I get to act like a jackass and they like it. Other than that, I can't stand customers nor the redundancy or everything around me. I am still very helpful to people though...which after 3.5 years is surprising.
circusofdust: how many hours a week do you put in?
IamAltere: varies from 24-30 hrs. I probably will be putting in 30+ from now on. I have 2 jobs.
circusofdust: what's the other one?
IamAltere: I'm a handyman for a couple of hours one day a week and whenever else I can be.
circusofdust: last time we conversed you were talking about how your parents dictate your life. how does that affect your musical career?
IamAltere: Tremendously...when I had a band in High School they were very vocal in trying to make me stop. It did stop and I quit music towards my senior year. Now this project reared itself and they don't know about it at all. They try and stop whatever creative thing I do. They are practical/traditional. I am a dreamer, thus a great conflict of interest alway arises. I can't write or do anything creative for that matter. My relationship with them is a double edged sword. I need them, I can't survive without their support especially because I make so little money and things are so expensive here. But I still love them and I kind of like how they push me to be a realist sometimes...but it has it's obvious negative effects on my confidence and since I am their experiment(i have a younger brother), the results so far have not been great. But I am glad I have what I have because many do not.
circusofdust: what about moving away? has that ever seemed enticing?
IamAltere: I may be a pussy in saying this...but I am very scared of leaving and being by myself. I am scared of being thrown out and thrust into a world where things cost so much...and I would make so little. I am fairly sure I woudl survive, but on scraps. I do not think I can handle it emotionally. I don't know if my psyche can handle that. I like to be left alone yes, but I like to live with someone close to me. I am close to marriage anyway, so moving away will happen at some point within the next couple of years. Funny thing is...I am not dependent on anyone. Whatever I make, I provide food, clothing and entertainment for myself. I pay my bills and some house bills as well. The only thing I am worried about is most likely the biggest thing...paying rent. Which would literally take 95% of my monthly paycheck.
circusofdust: rent in NYC sucks, I bet
IamAltere: let me tell you how much...
IamAltere: a basement with rats in an ok neighborhood would run you $700
IamAltere: I make 900 tops if I would work full time
IamAltere: right now I make about 600 per month
circusofdust: what about moving elsewhere, where the living expenses aren't so high?
IamAltere: The guy I work for as the handyman, his thing is in a very popular place near Union Square. He charges $3000+ rent for a tiny ass subway apartment. And that is actually reasonable.
IamAltere: I thought about that and right now it's a very strong possibility. The nly problem is I have a phobia of driving and getting a job would be really tough. But if my writing pays off at some point afteryears of struggle, I would definitely move out of the city. I find it way more beautiful and entertaining out of NYC.
IamAltere: I really do not see the appeal of NYC anymore. It's sad really...but people think it's "Americas capital"
circusofdust: yeah, I guess it is as far as population and finances go, or would you disagree with that statement?
IamAltere: I agree with both. It's just not a fun city. I don't do bars or nightclubs and I hate that life style. I started to hate crowds and the quality of some of the people here is absolutely horrendous. Not a lot of nice people...although when you do find them it makes you feel really good.
IamAltere: Hey I found something positive to say about my music wanna hear?
circusofdust: I like bars. :-D small ones with cheap liquor that is.
circusofdust: sure
IamAltere: lol
IamAltere: I am straight edge
IamAltere: I have seen too many people ruin themselves by that life style here...
circusofdust: I believe you
circusofdust: sXe
IamAltere: the positive thing...
IamAltere: I am proud of not being within the norm of one genre. You can call me ambient, doomy, gothic, at times or whatever, but I like to flip flop and I am proud of that. At least I don't clearly sound like one or two bands. I hear people comparing my music and my modus operandi to a slew of bands, which I really like.
IamAltere: there I used your word
circusofdust: thanks :)
IamAltere: I can't believe I said something remotely positive...
circusofdust: Altere = the musical equivalent to John Kerry (flip-flopper)
IamAltere: lol
IamAltere: Hey I give financial backing to democrats, republicans and independent candidates
IamAltere: ...not really...
IamAltere: lay some tough questions on me. I will answer anything...almost anything...
IamAltere: even other bands
IamAltere: or people
circusofdust: are you chronically depressed?
IamAltere: No
IamAltere: what would give you that idea?
circusofdust: you're always down, it seems. or perhaps you're easily discouraged?
IamAltere: I think I look at things realistically. And realistically speaking...there are a million people out there that are better/more talented than I.
IamAltere: I don't think I am easily discouraged. I still write even though my parents said I suck at it.
circusofdust: even aside from music, what do you truly enjoy?
IamAltere: Writing obviously...and I really enjoy spending time with my girl and my best friend. Those things make me really happy. I also enjoy reading a lot of books/magazines. In theory that's all I need in life besides the basic necessities.
circusofdust: I could handle that, too.
IamAltere: artists we don't need much just a slong as you let us do what we want and don't impede our progress
IamAltere: I really love my girl though...there is just that...unbelievable, unreal feeling that I get when I am with her. I can just melt away when she holds me. It's weird...I feel safe...yes I am a pussy. I am very very emotional. I cry like a bitch sometimes.
IamAltere: But I can still kick your ass
IamAltere: NYC style hoosier bot
IamAltere: boy
circusofdust: lol
circusofdust: hoosier bot
IamAltere: yeh that made weird sense lol
circusofdust: the long-lost Transformer
IamAltere: lol
IamAltere: they are making a movie of that, I can't wait for that.
circusofdust: have you ever engaged in physical fighting?
circusofdust: like "Fists of Fury" shit?
IamAltere: Yes in Poland. Here in America I mostly got picked on.
IamAltere: I am a quiet kid....that might one day go postal.
IamAltere: Besides I feel that if you do not get into an unecessary confrontation or you don't react, it makes you smarter and the better man. It's always better to just walk away.
IamAltere: if you're angry go play drums or something...
circusofdust: yeah, I do that when I get home from work sometimes, just to blow off steam
circusofdust: works!
IamAltere: yup, I know someone here too who does that. Works for him.
IamAltere: Do you have a girl?
circusofdust: nope
circusofdust: dated someone for about two years, broke up a year ago, and have had a couple of prospects since then, but nothing's worked out
circusofdust: all I do is work, write, and sleep these days! :p
IamAltere: lol...same here mostly..though I have the girl...
IamAltere: You plan to move out on your own?
circusofdust: well, yes. I applied to various graduate schools, and the closest one is about 5 hours away. I'll be attending the school that accepts me this fall....
IamAltere: sounds good...good luck with being a teacher :)
circusofdust: thanks! I'm looking forward to it, but I'm more looking forward to further honing my writing skills
circusofdust: I'll be shooting for an M.F.A. in Creative Writing
IamAltere: understandable, done with the book yet?
circusofdust: working on it! I'm AIMing for 06/06/06....
IamAltere: lol
IamAltere: excellent
IamAltere: hasn't that like...been established that it;s not the sign of the devil?
IamAltere: isn't it like 639 now or something?
IamAltere: migh have been very recent
circusofdust: something like that. I'll probably be overshadowed by Bin Laden anyhow, since there's supposedly an attack scheduled for that day, too.
IamAltere: lol...yeah you can't compete with that...seems like there is an attack scheduled every day
IamAltere: I hate subways
IamAltere: that thing can happen any day in any subway station and thousands of people will die
IamAltere: and we can't stop it
circusofdust: yeah, I don't understand how he thinks he's going to exterminate America. I mean, there are way too many of us...
IamAltere: It doesn't matter. It's putting the fear in us. The fear that we can't walk the streets safely anymore and do the routine things that we always do.
IamAltere: that's more damaging than anything
circusofdust: yeah, I suspect much of the population is fearful. I, however, am not.
circusofdust: are you?
IamAltere: Not really. I have to live with the consequences and I am willing to. Life would be boring without fear.
IamAltere: or the possibilty of something happening
IamAltere: I could use like a jedi force field around myself...would be nice...
circusofdust: so what are you going to do the rest of the night?
IamAltere: Probably read something. I might drift off on a few minutes though...
IamAltere: in
IamAltere: Have you decided how you're going to present this?
IamAltere: raw and uncut baby...or in Altere's tradition since I have 60 minutes to make a song...ill give you 6 minutes to edit this piece...
IamAltere: seriously though...if you strip down my oposososo morendnaci the music sucks right?
circusofdust: I'll probably present it uncut, unedited. Like "Altere Gone Wild," or something
circusofdust: I won't answer that last question! read my reviews, when they're posted that is. ;-)
IamAltere: yikes...
IamAltere: well...either way you will still get 1 more demo...and that's it...hehe
IamAltere: I just don't ever want to be one of those bands that takes the spot of someone talented and always gets asked the question " Uhh wait...why are you doing this?"
IamAltere: because there are tons of awful projects out there. I am starting to feel like I am one of them...
circusofdust: are you 100% positive you're not going to continue Altere? I mean, you'll never get a Behind the Music episode or anything if you throw in the towel so soon....
IamAltere: the only thing that can save me is a label signing me
IamAltere: I will give it an honest push
IamAltere: behind the that would be something
IamAltere: I should surround myself with a bunch of musical geniuses and play the cow bell or the spork.
IamAltere: A few more lay smething good on me....
circusofdust: Uhh wait...why are you doing this?
IamAltere: lol
IamAltere: damn it...
IamAltere: I am one of them!!!!!!
circusofdust: thanks for the logo
circusofdust: in the email
IamAltere: no problem
IamAltere: no pictures of myself though
IamAltere: sorry
IamAltere: the world might never know how Altere looks. Probably for the better...I don't need people throwing things at me here in the city.
circusofdust: that's all right. I'll try to get all this stuff up on Sunday. :) I'll send you an email with links and shiznit
IamAltere: when will the other review go up?
circusofdust: on MetalReview?
IamAltere: yeah I was being candid
circusofdust: nice!
circusofdust: heh heh. it'll go up on one of the very first days of February.
IamAltere: sounds good. You know what pisses me off? I probably sent out around 50+ cds and got like 5-10 reviews only.
IamAltere: At least you can say I suck and be done with it...
circusofdust: ha ha. did you not follow up with the places you sent discs to?
IamAltere: I did with a few, no answers.
IamAltere: bullshit...this costs me money
circusofdust: I'd just keep pestering them
circusofdust: where'd you send them?
IamAltere: most notable Metal Observer, Brave Words, and a ton of other websites
IamAltere: I know Brave Words won't do anything...but those websites...come one...
IamAltere: I would get like a 1/10 from Aaron Small
circusofdust: I'm talking with TMO right now, and mentioned it to them. I'll see what they say.
IamAltere: I need stuff for my press sheet. And I can't go on like 5 reviews only...
IamAltere: that's like another obstacle I don't need.
IamAltere: nor should be there in the first place
IamAltere: I think I sent TMO about 5 copies or something...different times.
IamAltere: sigh...even your world is against me jason...
circusofdust: "Pieces" has been sent to Wesley, so you should see another review within a few months.
circusofdust: it takes a while with TMO since it's so large, and everything is translated into German for the German website.
circusofdust: :)
IamAltere: all right, cool, thanks
IamAltere: I just feel like since I sent so may out...most were tossed to the trash
circusofdust: unfortunately, that does happen
circusofdust: not with the places I write for, though
circusofdust: or discs simply get neglected, especially if the band isn't signed to a label
IamAltere: yeah i know...that really sucks in general.
IamAltere: I put an honest effort into making something different...and it gets neglected. I don't care if I get zeros or extremely negative reviews, just as long as people understand my music and someone out there can say that they truly feel what I did. It may not be the best thing out there, but I sure as heck tried to portray what I wanted in a sort of respectable manner.
circusofdust: you know what they say: no press is bad press
IamAltere: I'm trying to read between the lines for your review...hehe...
circusofdust: you will read them soon enough! after your 11 work day.
IamAltere: I know...I know not to expect much anyway.
IamAltere: Is there any other ambient labels you can direct me towards?
IamAltere: and what's JWW's label again
circusofdust: Audio Savant
circusofdust: Cold Meat Industries does some ambient stuff, but I don't know much about them
IamAltere: Yes I considered them as well, unfortunately their contact info is awful
IamAltere: I don't think they want to be bothered
circusofdust: some labels are like that, especially Hydra Head. you should check out their demo submissions page, just for kicks. heh.
IamAltere: oh yeah I remembe rthat
IamAltere: he he
circusofdust: funny stuff.
IamAltere: time for one last question
IamAltere: make it count
circusofdust: Do you like movies about gladiators?
IamAltere: lol
IamAltere: does that have homoerotic implications?
circusofdust: Airplane movie. :)
IamAltere: I like movies that are good
IamAltere: ...yikes...yeah Wesley is giving this one a 2
IamAltere: good reviewer
IamAltere: all right
IamAltere: that's it for me
IamAltere: one last thing to say...
IamAltere: hmmm...
circusofdust: keep UM readers in mind...
IamAltere: Just do what you want to do. Altere supports all your dreams. But don't do it if you suck...or at least not as much as me :)
IamAltere: wait...
IamAltere: buy my music!!!!!
circusofdust: ha ha
circusofdust: all right, man. it was fun.
circusofdust: I'll send you links ASAP.
IamAltere: likewise...thansk for the opportunity
IamAltere: correct my mistakes damn fingers ae too big for the laptop keyboard
circusofdust: adios, man.
IamAltere: later, good luck with everything
circusofdust: you too. you should sign off to make it an official ending, and then I can save the conversation. :)
IamAltere: right right
circusofdust: bye!
IamAltere: here I go...prbably last words of Altere in "web print"
IamAltere: wait
IamAltere: last words will be
IamAltere: I love you honeybun
IamAltere: honeybun(Lisa Lau)
IamAltere signed off at 1:06:14 AM.


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