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Tyrant in Distress
Sorry to kife my thread title from Monty Python, but I wanted to talk about some other metal styles besides prog/technical. Anyhoo, has anyone heard Evereve or Novembre? I'm not sure how to classify them exactly; I've heard them called goth, atmospheric, etc, but they are both excellent. If you get a chance, check out Evereve - The Stormbirds (really one of the best metal releases ever, IMO, probably in my top 10, definitely top 20) and Novembre - Classica (also excellent, but not as good as Evereve). The vox might bug some of you, but considering that I usually hate non-clean vox, and I really love these CDs, they should be tolerable to most. Both bands use a combination of clean vox and growl/scream vox. The music is very emotional and layered, somewhat dark, and excellent in all respects.

I was somehow turned off from Evereve by their E-Mania, but I've just listened to a couple of tracks from The Stormbirds - and they are much better! Will try to check it out.

But when talking about goth-doom I can't help but recommend (don't kill me ;) ) a couple of bands that keep me up last months

Green Carnation
Their latest "Light of Day, Day of Darkness" is one hour long track! Listening with headphones in dark room is absolutely hypnotic experience!
That's kind of albums which could really knock you out from the reality. Review:

Maudlin of the Well
this metal orchestra of nine members released three great albums so far. They call own style as "astral metal".
Truly unique and rich combination of different vocals and diverse musical styles.
Lots of tracks could be found at:
And some nice reviews:
Yeah, E-Mania sucks. Regret (the one before E-Mania) was pretty good, but you could tell they were going downhill fast. Stormbirds is by far their best. Green Carnation are excellent; I have both of their CDs. I haven't heard Maudlin of the Well; I know the name, but never checked 'em out. I shall do so now.

Yeah, I got Stormbirds a while back and was really impressed with it. However, I heard E-Mania and wanted to puke. It's sad that they've completely changed their style. I just can't see why bands would want to do this.

I still need to check out Novembre. I have a few mp3s from Arte Novecento but haven't really listened too much. I have heard many good things about this band so I should definitely look into them soon.
As long as we're on Doom metal here, one should by all means check out Morgion, and preferably their second (third?) album "Solinari". Those guys play majestic doom/death, only better. I don't usually like My Dying Bride rehashes, and let's face it, most of the current doom/death bands are just that, but Morgion won me over. AMAZING artwork as well.
I love Death Metal so here is some good band recomendations:

Cynic - Jazz fusion death, Very technical with Sean Malone on bass among many other great guys.

Atheist - jazz death, pretty technical but the songs are so increibly catchy and just pure brilliance.

Gorguts - Experimental technical brutal death metal (can cause severe headache)

Some Black Metal:

Burzum - Ultra Un-technical but with great songwriting and atmosphere

Dissection - Melodic Black metal, the best ever

Aeturnus - Great black with many folkmusic influences and overall amazing


Novemembers Doom

That should be enough for quite a while
YES! Maudlin of the Well is great. I still haven't listened to my cds as much as I should. I bought them all from The End, but I recommend buying them directly from Dark Symphonies because they come with a poster and sticker. You can buy Bath and Leaving Your Body Map with poster and sticker for $20 and no shipping. You can't beat that. Check them out now!