ANTIMATTER: A Profusion of Thought


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Apr 1, 2005
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New album 'A Profusion of Thought'

"...Ten previously unheard, unrecorded songs from the writing sessions for Leaving Eden, Planetary Confinement, Black Market Enlightenment, The Judas Table, Fear of a Unique Identity and Lights Out. November 18th 2022 via Music In Stone...."




Antimatter announce brand new album

Dark British proggers Antimatter have announced they will release a brand new album, A Profusion Of Thought, in November.

The new album will feature a selection of songs recorded for previous albums

"Every album I have written, or been part of writing, has been the result of a long period of composition, where I ultimately end up with too many songs for one release," explains Mick Moss. "This inevitably means that every few years my archive gets hit with 4 or 5 more tracks that are destined to never be heard, due to each album being tied to a specific concept (I cannot simply take these songs for the next release as they're conceptually alien).

"I realised some few years ago that when I die these songs will die with me, so I made it my mission to rescue ten tracks from the abyss. These are the songs you were never going to hear, an alternate reality kept hidden in the shadows.

"It's been a labour of love dragging these out, patching up holes and finishing off songs I started years ago. Breaking The Machine originally destined for Lights Out, was started in 2001, abandoned quickly afterwards and finished in 2021. A song twenty years in the making.

"It's the strangest feeling to actually be releasing the forbidden siblings of songs from Leaving Eden, Planetary Confinement, Black Market Enlightenment, The Judas Table, Fear Of A Unique Identity and Lights Out."

Moss will be sharing experiences from the recording sessions on his Instagram page. AntiMatter will be touring in November where they will perform some of the new material...."
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