Arc of Descent EP- FFREE DOWNLOAD (my band)


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Dec 17, 2008
Long Beach, New York
Hey everyone,

Some shameless spam here :saint:

I was actually hired to mix an EP from a local client and we became real close friends. Next, I was asked to join the band playing guitar :lol:

To get our name out, and a thanks to everyone who loves music, we have our EP up for free download. The download link has zero banners, codes, or any garbage, and is straight from my dropbox account.

Arc of Descent EP: of Descent

I didn't track anything on this one aside from bass, and credits are as follows:

Arc of Descent is:

Sergio Antanasio
Chris D'Auria
Omar Torres
Greg Tomao
Andres Jiminez

Music by Nick Minerva, aside from New Day, by Chris D'Auria
Lyrics by Omar Torres

Recorded by Arc of Descent
Mixed, Reamped, and Mastered by Greg Tomao @ the Tomato Farm Studio e-mail (
Edited by Greg Tomao (drums/cleanups/bass), Mike Garrison (guitars), and Kyle Odell (vocals)

Please, if you like the music, or our band, feel free to become friends with us on one of the following pages:

All that info is in a text file inside of the .zip as well.


Bam. I finished listening to the ep. Production sounds great as expected. Music sounds pretty cool. The clean vocals really aren't doing it for me. They are not bad, I just don't like that style of clean singing.

Thanks for sharing.
After a first full listen through I can say this so far:

Production is really nice, altho I have some issues with the snare...seems the snap/attack is a tiny bit off center...effects like that happend when I used heavily compressed samples (some of lasse's for example).
hard to explain, and it also isnt noticable most of the time tho

Music is nice, harsh vocals too but I'm having troubles with the autotuneage going on in the cleans...makes me cringe every now and then.
A bit of a pitty tbh, cause it kind of pulls down everything a level...with stronger cleans it would kick some more ass ;)
Thanks for the kind words and criticisms.

I won't deny that the vocals sound tuned a bit at parts, but I trusted Kyle's judgment on the amount that he tuned them, and it wasn't really an option to re-track the vocals. I don't think they detract from the product, but next time, I'm going to be tracking the vocals with our singer, and things are going to be flawless.