Architects - Broken Cross Mix Feedback


Nov 22, 2013

Downloaded the stems from one of the expansive DI Multitracks threads. I need to lower the bass drops slightly because I think they boom just a little too much. I also noticed some slight clipping during one part midway through the song. But I'd love feedback on how this mixing is sounding so far, especially the guitar tone. I've been trying out a new blend of cab IRs so I'm not sure how i feel so far.

Drums are SSD 4, Sizzling Kit with Kick 10 and Snare 13 and the extra cymbal samples.

Guitar Chain:

TSE 808 ->Le456 (with bright, high contour) -> LePou with God's Cab impulses, and one Marshall Impulse -> ParaEq and then I send my guitars to a Buss where I have a reverb (glaceverb) 100% wet, and blend it in to let the guitars breathe.

Bass is pod farm.

Lemme know what you think!
-Prabhu :kickass: