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Aug 13, 2003
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Regular CDs:
Aborted/Christ Denied split CD, grindcore
Adorior "Like Cutting the Sleeping" intense black metal
Aftershock "Through the Looking Glass" hardcore
Archetype "Dawning" technical melodic metal
Beats The Hell Out Of Me s/t
Benighted "Psychose" death metal a la Cannibal Corpse + Marduk (back cover edge cut as a triangle)
Broken Edge "Cold Lies" modern thrash
Cain's Alibi "Sanctified" melodic hard rock/metal
Catacomb "We Shall Inherit" mini CD melodic black/death (back cover edge cut as a triangle)
Catastrophe Ballet "Transition" goth rock
Chamber Seven "Bacteria" industrial heavy metal
Chronic Disorder "Torture Test" death metal
Compulsory "...And the Death of Vanity", hardcore
Corpus Mortale "Succumb to the Superior", daeth metal
Corruption "Pussyworld"
Cowers "Pity Dark" a la Megadeth
Cowers "Searching for Paradise" EP a la Megadeth
Crawlspace "Enter the Realm of Chaos", CD, the mix of Slayer and Morbid Angel w/ technical approach
Criminal "Cancer" modern metal
Crystalium "De Aeternitate Commando" melodic black metal
Datura "Allisone" a la Monster Magnet
David Neil Cline "Malefic Influence" melodic guitar oriented hard rock
Dearly Beheaded "Temptation"
Detestor "In the Circle of Time" melodic death/thrash
Devastacion "...Que Lo Pario!", intense death/thrash from South America
Devereaux "Paint' Box" melodic subtle hard rock
Dying Breed "Fleshflower" death/grind
Distrust "No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished" thrash
Divine Syndrome "Pulsatory Paradigm"
Donor "Release"
Dr. Death "Somewhere in Nowhere" industrialized gotic metal, a la Umbra Et Imago
Draconis "The Highest of all Dark Powers" extreme black
Eczema "Soledad, El Lllanto de La Muerte" atmospheric black metal
End Of Green "Infinity" (atmospheric metal/subcore)
Entropy "Perception" EP between prog and gothic metal, female vocals
Enuff Z'nuff "Seven"
Extrema "Proud, Powerful'n'Alive", EP, live, heavy/thrash
Fairlight "Le Bal Des Eternels" atmospheric metal
Flotsam and Jetsam "Drift"
Flotsam and Jetsam "My God"
For the Living "Bridges Burned" hardcore
For The Love Of Suffering "Sinus", MCD, heavy/thrash
From Thy Ashes "One With the Waves" EP gothic/heavy
Global Warning s/t mini-CD heavy/power
Guidance of Sin "6106"
Gun "Swagger"
Gwar "This Toilet Earth"
Harum "The Creation" heavy/thrash
I Mother Earth "Dig" good rock with psychedelic elements
Iconoclasm "Marching Evil…", CD, thrash/death w/ slight HC turn
In Solitude "Opus Universe" doom/gothic
In The Name s/t prog metal
Industry Of Hate s/t industrial rock
Inferi "The Call of the Dark Side", CD, aggressive black metal
Infinity Minus One "Tales from Mobius Strip" EP prog metal
In-Quest "Destination: Pyroclasm"
Iron Clad "Lost In A Dream" melodic metal
Ivory Gates "Shapes of Memory" progressive metal
Jacobs Dream "Jacobs Dream" power metal
Jennifer Hope "Winds of Tomorrow", MCD, emotional gothic
King's X "Tape Head"
King's X "Please Come Home... Mr. Bulbous"
Krug "Krug" thrash/power
Labyrinth "Sons of Thunder"
Loonatikk "Bark'n'Bite" groovy metal ala Life Of Agony, EP
Low Down "Dark & Simple" EP
Lunar Crush "Lunar Crush"
Lunatic Gods "The Wilderness" symphonic metal
Malevolence "Transcending the Godless Age of Science"
Malleus Maleficarum "Taedium Vitae" black metal (back cover edge cut as a triangle)
Mantra "Roots" a la Led Zeppelin
Mariah's Trench "Beyond Orgasm" melodic AOR with heavy metal elements
Master Damned "So Blind", thrash/power metal
Mid Autumn Nights "And I Entitled It: A Dirge...", CD, atmospheric gothic metal
Mindcage "Encapsulation" progressive rock/metal
Mindstab "Borderlined"
Moondaze "Seek After Venus" mini-CD prog metal
Mordred "The Next Room"
Naiad "In Bardo" 98 EP gothic/industrial
Nehemah "Light of a Dead Star" black metal (back cover edge cut as a triangle)
Nemesis "Eden?" prog metal
Neurosis "Enemy Of The Sun"
Nomad "The Devilish Whirl" technical death/thrash in the veins of Morbid Angel
Nuclear Valdez "Dream Another Dream"
Obsidian "Breaking Rate 5.5"
Patrick Rondat "Amphibia"
Pleuristy "Dazed And Deranged"
Poundhound "Massive Grooves..." King's X Doug Pinnick solo debut
Prime Time "Free The Dream"
Quiet Flower "DNR" EP industrial rock
Rebaelliun "Bringer of War", MCD, strong death metal
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Mother's Milk" original forbidden cover
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Blasting off"
Redemption "Redemption" prog metal
Riffmaster General "We Like That" maxi-single, heavy metal/rock'n'roll
Roadsaw "Nationwide"
Rob Johnson "Guitarchitecture"
Rob Johnson "Rob Johnson"
Rodsaw "Nationwide" psychedelic rock
Rosemary's Billygoat "Evilution"
Sacred Steel "Reborn In Steel" speed/power
Sahara "The Seventh House" melodic hard rock
Sarcofagus "Cycle of Life", cult heavy/power metal album
Savatage "Poets and Madmen"
Scenario "A Fearful Symmetry" prog metal
Sea Of Tranquility/Pax Mortis "Dead Of Winter"/"Defiant", split CD, death metal classics
Section 16 "Identity Crisis" ex-PsycoDrama
Semper Fi "Strong Weakness" a la latest Amorphis
Sensa Anima "sin thatic" industrial metal incl. members of Tulus, Old Man's Child, Satyricon
Shaman Spell s/t hard rock a la Van Halen, Alice In Chains
Symphony X "Live On The Edge Of Forever" 2-CD live
Syrens Call "Fantasea" power metal
Soil "El Chupacabra!" mini-CD a la Anthrax, Armored Saint with John Bush + Black Sabbath
Sun "Jam House Wah" a la Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains
Temple Of The Absurd "Mother Creator, God" DoCD incl. CD-ROM, modern heavy metal ex-Holy Moses
Thorn "Bitter Potion" progressive industrial on Roadrunner
Tiamat "A Deeper Kind of Slumber"
Torman Maxt "The Foolishness of God"
Total Devotion "Where the Grasses Grow" industrial/gothic
Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Beethoven's Last Night"
V/A "A Colection of Darkness" (Saturnus, Withering Surface, Exmortem, Stiff Miners etc.)
V/A "In the Sign of the Horns (Tribute to Venom)" CD, w/ Ritual Carnage, Coffin Texts, Diabolic, Acheron, Bloodstorm etc. 15 tracks
V/A "Smells like Team Spirit" (Altar, Pestilence, Sadist, Houwitser etc.)
Vanity "Enslaved" black metal ala Rotting Christ
Vicious Circle s/t heavy metal/hard rock from U.S.A.
Viking "Askungen" CDR nordic folk
Vitamin F "Nobody Cares" EP thrash a la Prong, C.O.C.

Aeternus "Shadows of Old" atmospheric black/death, promo
Aeturnus "Burning the Shroud", promo w/booklet, good atmospheric metal
Agressor "Medieval Rites", promo, heavy/thrash/black
Alison "Symmetry" HC/heavy metal with influences of Faith No More, promo
Anata/Bethzaida split promo, black metal
Angra "Fireworks" promo
Anvil "Speed Of Sound" promo
Apes, Pigs & Spacemen "Safety Net" mini-CD
Argenthea "Allegro Non Troppo" CDR symphonic atmospheric metal
Arwen "Memories of a Dream" melodic power/progressive metal promo
Ashes "And the Angels Wept" (melodic black metal), promo
Beholder "The Legend Begins", promo, symphonical power/heavy
Bewitched "At the Gates of Hell" speed/black, promo
Black Dawn "Blood for Satan", promo, fast black metal
Casket "Faithless", promo, gothic rock
Celesty "Reign of Elements" promo, power metal
Celesty "Reign of Elements", power metal promo
Cemetary "Last Confessions" promo, no cover
Cemetary 1213 "The Beast Divine" promo, atmospheric metal
Centurion "Hyper Martyrium" promo, speed/thrash
Changer "Inconsistency" demo CD
Conquest "Rage" promo
Cryptic Carnage "Retrospect 2000", promo, gothic metal ala Crematory
Dark Moor "The Gates of Oblivion" promo, power metal
Darkside "Cognitive Dissonance", promo, technical metal
Deathless "The Time to be Immortal", promo, melodic death metal
Deeds Of Flesh "Path of The Weakening" promo
Defiled "Divination" promo
Dementor "the Art of Blasphemy" death metal, promo
demons of Dirt "Hiller Engine" promo w/booklet, modern metal
Deranged "III" brutal technical death, promo
Diabolic "Vengeance Ascending" promo
Dynamic Lights "Resurrection" demo CD prog metal
Dismal "Make Up Your Mind" promo, modern metal
Domine "Stormbringer Ruler" promo (Dragonheart)
Double Dealer s/t promo, speed/power
Dragster "New Times" CDR trash metal
Dronning Maud Land "Maelstrom" promo, goth rock
Dunkelgrafen "Baphomet's Aeon" black metal, promo
Eisregan "Leichenlager", promo, black metal
Elbereth "And other Reasons" promo, atmospheric metal
Eldritch "El Nino" promo
Embolism "...And We All Hate Ourselves" promo
Enchant "Juggling 9 or Dropping 10" promo
Enchant "Juggling 9 or Dropping 10" promo
Evergrey "In Search of Truth" promo
Every New Dead Ghost "An Endless Nightmare of Stations" promo hard rock/rock'n'roll
Evoke "The Fury Written" promo with full booklet, good death metal
Exciter "Blood Of Tyrants" promo
Flotsam & Jetsam "High" (promo)
Forest of Impaled "Demonvoid", promo, intense black metal
Forte "III Destructive" technical/power/thrash metal, promo
Gloomy Grim "Life?", promo, symphonic black metal on Holy Records
God Forbid "Determination" promo melodic extreme metal
Golgotha "Elemental Changes", promo, gothic/doom
Gooseflesh "Welcome to Suffer Age" promo EP
Gorelord "Zombie Suicide Part 666" promo, death metal
Gothic Sex "Laments", promo, gothic metal
Griffin "The Sideshow" promo, modern heavy metal
Griffin "Wasteland Serenades", promo, atmospheric metal with heavy metal turn
Hatesphere "Hatesphere" promo
Hypnosia "Extreme Hatred", promo, thrash metal, much in the veins of Kreator
Holy Moses "Master Of Disaster" promo
Holocaust "Valley of Misery" CDR demo
Yattering "Human's Pain", promo, strong death metal
Imperial "Malmort" speed/thrash, promo
Improvision "Energy" (progressive hard rock)
Improvision promo EP (progressive hard rock)
In Blackest Velvet "Edenflow" promo
Insania "Sunrise in Riverland", promo, melodic power/ heavy metal, alal Helloween/ Gamma Ray
Jack Frost "Glow Dying Sun" promo heavy/doom
Judas Iscariot "Heaven in Flames", promo, black metal
Jungle Rot "Dead And Buried", promo, catchy thrash/death, a mix of Sodom and Slayer
Kenziner "The Prophecies" promo, melodic progressive/power metal
Krabathor "Unfortunately Dead" promo with full booklet, excellent death metal
Limited Time Offer EP (heavy rock)
Lowbrow "Victims At Play", promo w/booklet, strong death metal ala Obituary, feat. Allen West from Obituary
Luca Turilli "The Ancient Forest of Elves" EP promo
Lunafield "Close To Prime" promo
Macabre "Dahmer" promo
Mad Crusade 'Mad Crusade" promo, atmospheric
Malevolence "Martyrialized" Gothenburg metal, promo
Manipulated Slaves "The Legendary Black Jade" black metal promo
Manticora "Darkness With Tales to Tell" promo, melodic speed/power metal
Mercenary "Everblack" promo w/ booklet
Mercyless "Sure To Be Pure" promo with full booklet, modern metal a la Crowbar
Meridian "The Seventh Sun", promo, atmospheric metal ala Samael
Mezzerschmitt "Mezzerschmitt", promo, old way black metal
My Insanity "Still Dreams in Violent Areas" promo power/gothic
Mindcollapse "Lifeless", MCD promo, intnse thrash metal
Moonspell "Irreligious" promo
Mourning Caress "Imbalance", promo, melodic metal
Naked Mole-Rats EP promo
Natron "Bedtime for Mercy", promo, brutal death metal
Necrophagia "Cannibal Holocaust" promo with video
Nifelheim "Servants of Darkness", promo, old way black/heavy metal
Nightfall "Diva Future" promo
Notron "Bedtime for Mercy" promo
On Thorns I Lay "Sounds of Beautiful Experience" promo gothic/thrash
Physical Attraction "The Fool Lead the Blind" HC/metal promo
Poverty's No Crime "One in a Million" promo
Re-Vision "Whore Venus" demo CD
Rhapsody "Emerald Sword" EP promo
Rhymes of Desctruction "A Sun Revolution", promo with booklet, black metal
Sacred Reich "Heal" 95 promo
Shylock "Can't Let U Go" promo melodic AOR/glam rock
Shining of Kliffoth "Twilight of Sehemeah", promo, melodic heavy metal
Simmetry "Through the Eye of Simmetry" demo CD prog metal
Solitary "Nothing Changes" promo, modern metal
Spellgate "Legends of Ardigm" demo CD
Stormlord "At the Gates of Utopia" promo (epic black/thrash)
Suidakra "The Arckanum", promo, melodic professional symphonic black metal
The Bloodline "Opium Hearts" promo, goth/doom
The Dismal "Make Your Mind Up" promo
The Flower Kings "The Rainmaker" promo progressive rock
The Vengeance Brothers s/t promo a la Black Sabbath, The Obsessed
Throneaeon "Neither of Gods", promo w/ booklet, brual death metal
Tottenkorps "Tharnheim" promo, brutal death metal
Transatlantic "Bridge Across Forever" promo
Unbound "...In Infinity" promo, modern metal
Viking Crown "Vanished Rhythmic Hate" promo
Welt "Paranoid Delusion" HC, promo EP
Winds Of Sirius "Beyond All Temples And Myths", promo with booklet, black metal
Wurdulak "Severed Eyes of Possession", promo, horror black metal
Zonata "Reality" promo, speed/power

220 Volt "Power Games"
Accept 'Russian Roulette"
Alchemist "Austral Alien"
Alchemist "Organasm"
Alice Cooper "Killer"
Alice in Chains "Facelift"
Alice in Chains "Sap" and "Jar of Flies"
Amber Asylum "The Natural Philosophy of Love"
Amorphis "Far From Sun"
Anathema "Eternity"
Anathema "Judgement"
Anathema "The Silent Enigma"
Anyone "Anyone"
Anomaly "Anomaly"
Anthrax "Sound of White Noise"
Anthrax "State of Euphoria"
Anthrax "We've Come For You All"
Antimatter "Saviur"
Arcturus "Aspera Hiems Simfonia"
Arcturus "The Deception Circus/Disguised Masters"
Arcturus "The Sham Mirror"
At The Gates "Slaughter Of The Soul"
At The Gates "Terminal Spirit Disease"
At The Gates "The Red in the Sky Is Ours"
Atheist "Elements"
Atrocity "Calling the Rain"
Atrocity "Werk 80"
Autechre all
Bathory "Hammerheart"
Bathory "Under the Sign of Black Mark"
Beyond Dawn "In Reverie"
Beyond Twilight "Devil's Hall of Fame"
Black Sabbath "Headless Cross"
Black Sabbath "Heaven And Hell"
Black Sabbath "TYR"
Borknagar "Quintessence"
Burzum "Filosofem"
Burzum "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss"
Candlemass "Ancient Dreams"
Candlemass "Nightfall"
Candlemass "Tales Of Creation"
Cathedral "Caravan Beyond Redmption"
Celtic Frost "Into the Pandemonium"
Celtic Frost "Vanity/Nemesis"
Chroma Key "You Go Now"
Chrome Locust "Rock'n'Roll"
Cynic "Focus"
Clutch "Clutch"
Cocteau Twins all
Corrosion Of Conformity "America's Volume Dealer"
Cradle Of Filth "Cruelty and The Beast"
Cradle Of Filth "Dusk And Her Embrace"
Cure "Desintegration"
Cure "Faith"
Cure "Seventeen seconds"
Danzig s/t first
Danzig "4"
Danzig "I"
Dark Tranquillity "Haven"
Dark Tranquillity "The Gallery"
Darkthrone "Transylvanian Hunger"
Dead Can Dance "Aion"
Dead Can Dance "Serpent's Egg"
Dead Can Dance "Spleen And Ideal"
Dead Can Dance "Within the Realm of the Dying Sun"
Dead Soul Tribe 2nd album
Death "Leprosy"
Death In June "All Pigs Must Die"
Depeche Mode "Exciter"
Depeche Mode "Music for the Masses"
Depressive Age "Symbols for the Blue Times"
Devil Doll all
Devin Townsend "Acceleration Evolution"
Devin Townsend "Infinity"
Devin Townsend "Psychicist"
Devin Townsend "Terria"
Diabolique "Butterflies"
Diamanda Galas "The Singer"
Die Krupps "Odyssey of the Mind"
Digital Ruin "Dwelling in the Out"
Dio "Holy Diver"
Dio "The Last In Line"
Dream Theater "Scenes from a Memory"
Dredg "El Cielo"
Dubwar "Wrong Side of the Beautiful"
Easy Rider "Evilution"
Eldritch "El Nino"
Emperor "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk"
Emperor "IX Equilibrium"
Enchant "Break"
Enslaved "Mardraum"
Entombed "To Ride, Shoot Straight..."
Enuff Z'nuff s/t debut
Enuff Z'Nuff "Enuff Z'Nuff"
Ephel Duath "Rephormula"
Exit 13 "Smoking Songs"
Faith No More "Album of the Year"
Faith No More "King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime"
Fear Factory "Digimortal"
Fields of Nephilim "revelations"
Fig Leaf "Fearless"
Forseti all
Freak Of Nature s/t
Gathering "Almost A Dance"
Gathering "if then else"
Gathering "Souvenirs"
Godhead "Godhead" debut
Greyhaven "Greyhaven"
Guns n'Roses "Appetite For Destruction"
H.I.M. "Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666"
H.I.M. "Razorblade Romance"
Hagalaz runedance "Frigge's Web"
Helloween "Helloween EP"
Helloween "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I"
Helloween "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II"
Helloween "Walls of Jericho"
Helstar "Nosferatu"
Holy Terror "Mind Wars"
Iced Earth "Dark Saga"
Iced Earth "Horror Show"
Iced Earth "Something Wicked This Way Comes"
Yelworc "Blood in Face" EP
In the Woods "Three Times 7 On a Pilgrimage"
Inkubus Sukkubus "Belladona And Aconite"
Into The Abyss "Martyrium"
Iron Maiden "Fear of the Dark"
Iron Maiden "Iron Maiden"
Iron Maiden "Killers"
Iron Maiden "No Prayer for the Dying"
Iron Maiden "Piece Of Mind"
Iron Maiden "Powerslave"
Iron Maiden "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"
Iron Maiden "Somewhere In Time"
Iron Maiden "The Number of the Beast"
Jethro Tull "Songs From The Wood"
Jethro Tull "Songs From The Wood"
John Arch "A Twist of Fate" EP
Judas Priest "British Steel"
Judas Priest "Hell Bent For Leather"
Judas Priest "Painkiller"
Judas Priest "Point of Entry"
Judas Priest "Priest Live"
Judas Priest "Ram It Down"
Judas Priest "Rocka Rolla"
Judas Priest "Sad Wings Of Destiny"
Judas Priest "Sin After Sin"
Judas Priest "Turbo"
Judas Priest "Unleashed in the East"
Katatonia "Last Fair Deal Gone Down"
Katatonia "Discouraged Ones"
Katatonia "Tonight's Decision"
Keith Caputo "Died Laughing"
Kyyria "Inner Wellness"
King Diamond "Abigail"
King Diamond "Conspiracy"
King Diamond "Fatal Portrait"
King Diamond "House of God"
King Diamond "The Eye"
King Diamond "Them"
King's X "Out of the Silent Planet"
Kyuss "Blues for the Red Sun"
Kyuss "Sky Valley"
Kyuss "Wretik"
Lacrimosa "Echos"
Lacrimosa "Elodia"
Lacuna Coil "Comalies"
Laibach "Jesus Christ Superstar"
Laibach "Kapital"
Laibach "NATO"
Last Crack "Runheadstartscreaming"
Led zeppelin "I"
Led Zeppelin "II"
Led Zeppelin "III"
Led Zeppelin "IV"
Legenda "Autumnal"
Life of Agony "River Runs Red"
Love In Grey "Broken Shadows"
Madder Mortem "All Flesh Is Grass"
Mayhem "Grand Declaration of War"
Manowar "Hail to England"
Manowar "Kings Of Metal"
Manowar "Sign of the Hammer"
Marilyn Manson "Mechanical Animals"
Masters Of Reality "Blue Garden"
Maudlin of the Well "Bath"/"Leaving Your Body Map"
Megadeth "Countdown To Extinction"
Mekong Delta "Dances of Death"
Mekong Delta "Kaleidoscope"
Mekong Delta "The Principle of Doubt"
Metal Church "Metal Church"
Metal Church "The Dark"
Metallica "...And Justice For All"
Metallica "Kill 'Em All"
Metallica "Master of Puppets"
Metallica "Ride the Lightning"
My Dying Bride "Like Gods of the Sun"
My Dying Bride "The Light at the End of the World"
Misanthrope "Misanthrope Immortel"
Monumentum "Ad Nausaum"
Morthem Vlade Art "Antechamber"
Mr. Bungle "California"
Neglected Fields "Mephisto Lettonica"
Neurosis "Sovereign"
Neurosis "The Sun That Never Sets"
Nevermore "Dead Heart In a Dead World"
Nevermore "Dreaming Neon Black"
Nevermore "Enemies of Reality"
Nevermore "Enemies of Reality"
Nick Cave "I Let Love In"
Nightwish "Century Child"
Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile"
Nine Inch Nails "Things Falling Apart"
Nirvana "Nevermind"
Nirvana 'In Utero"
NON "Children of the Black Sun"
Novembre "Classica"
Novembre "Novembrine Waltz"
Ocean Machine "Biomech"
Of the Wand And The Moon "Lucifer"
On Thorns I Lay "Future Narcotic"
Oomph! "Ego"
Oomph! "Plastik"
Oomph! "Unrein"
Opeth "Blackwater Park"
Opeth "Deliverance Part 1"
Opeth "Still Life"
Orange Goblin "Time Travelling Blues"
Ozzy Osbourne "Blizzard Of Oz"
Pain of Salvation "Entropia"
Pain of Salvation "One Hour By Concrete Lake"
Pain of Salvation "Perfect Element: Part I"
Pain of Salvation "Remedy Lane"
Pantera "Vulgar Display of Power"
Paradise Lost "Draconian Times"
Paradise Lost "Host"
Paradise Lost "One Second"
Paradise Lost "Symbol of Life"
Pearl Jam "Ten"
Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon"
Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here"
Pyramid "Immaculate Lie"
Porcupine Tree "Lightbulb Sun"
Psychotic Waltz "A Social Grace"
Psychotic Waltz "Into the Everflow"
Psychotic Waltz "Mosquito"
Radiohead "Bents"
Radiohead "Kid A"
Radiohead "OK Computer"
Rage "Perfect Man"
Red Hot Chilli Peppers "Bloodsugarsexmagik"
Rhapsody "Legendary Tales"
Ritual "Ritual"
Roots Of Consciousness s/t
Running Wild "Death or Glory"
Rush "A Farewell To Kings"
Rush "Counterparts"
Sanctuary "Into The Mirror Black"
Sanctuary "Refuge Denied"
Satyricon "Nemesis Divina"
Satyricon "Rebel Extravaganza"
Scorpions "In Trance"
Seer's Tear "Precious"
Sentenced "Crimson"
Sentenced "Down"
Sentenced "North From Here"
Sentenced "The Cold White Light"
Sepultura "Arise"
Sieges Even "Life Cycle"
Sigh "Imaginary Sonicscape"
Sigma "Sigma"
Sisters of Mercy "Some Girls Wander By Mistake"
Slayer "God Hates Us All"
Slayer "Reign in Blood"
Sleep "Jerusalem"
Smashing Pumpkins all
Soilwork "Figure Number Five"
Solefald "In Harmonia Universali"
Solefald "Neonism"
Solefald "Pills Against the Ageless Ills"
Solitude Aeturnus "Beyond Crimson Horizon"
Solitude Aeturnus "Into the Depths of Sorrow"
Solitude Aeturnus "Through the darkest Hour"
Soundgarden "Badmotorfinger"
Soundgarden "Superunknown"
Spiral Architect "A Sceptic's Universe"
Spirit Caravan "Jug Fulla Sun"
Spiritual Beggars "Ad Astra"
Spiritual Beggars "Mantra III"
Spock's Beard "Snow"
Stabbing Westward "Stabbing Westward"
Steel Prophet "Genesis"
Steel Prophet "Into the Void"
Stygma IV "Phobia"
Suicidal Tendencies "Art of Rebellion"
Suicidal Tendencies "Lights Camera Revolution"
Swans all
Terrorvision "How To Make Friends And Influence People"
Tesla "Mechanical Resonance"
Testament "Low"
Testament "Souls of Black"
Testament "The New Order"
The 3rd And The Mortal "Painting On Glass"
The 69 Eyes "Paris Kills"
The Doors "An American Prayer"
The Doors "Morrison Hotel/Hard Rock Cafe"
The Doors "Soft Parade"
The Gathering "Almost a Dance"
The Haunted "One Kill Wonder"
The Mission "Aura"
The Mission "Blue"
The Mission "First Chapter"
The Tea Party "The Interzone Mantras"
The Tea Party "Triptych"
Theory in Practice "Armaggedon Theories"
Therion "Vovin"
Threshold "Livedelica" EP
Tiamat "Wildhoney"
Type O Negative "Life Is Killing Me"
Tool "Aenima"
Tool "Lateralus"
Travis "The Man Who"
Tribe After Tribe "Pearls Before Swine"
Tribe After Tribe "The Enchanted Entrance"
Tricky all
Tristania "Beyond The Veil"
Trivial Act "Mindscape"
Twelve After Elf "Twelve After Elf" EP
Ulver "Bergatt"
Ulver "Kveldssanger"
Ulver "Lyckantropen"
Ulver "Perdition City"
Ulver "Themes from W.Blake's..."
Vanden Plas "The God Thing"
Vanderhoof "A Blur In Time"
VAST "Music for People"
Voivod "Angel Rat"
Voivod "Nothing Face"
W.A.S.P. "The Headless Children"
WatchTower "Energetic Disassembly"
Weissglut "Etwas Kommt In Deine Welt"
Weissglut "Zeichen"
Malevolence "Transcending the Godless Age of Science" - the Portuguese band? wouldn't know they released another album after "martyrialized" :confused: