Sol Lupus

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May 1, 2021
Hi all,

I am pleased to present the first release of the one man band raw black metal project called Aspaarn. It is a 7 track album with a total playtime of around 40 minutes.

It was written and recorded in february - early march of 2021. The concept beyond the album and most of the lyrics is a generic contempt for what most of humanity has become, a worship of nature and a fascination for prehistorical times.

Musically speaking, the overall production is really lo-fi and crude, with harsh and fuzzy guitar tones forefront, muffled drums, barely audible bass, distant and cavernous screams and the whole mix drowned in reverb and echo. The tracks are a mix of fast paced, more classic, blasty raw black metal songs with some more mid-tempo and melodic tracks. There are some sporadic clean guitar and atmospheric sections troughout, who add a dreamy and ethereal feel. The album is opened and closed with two eerie sounding intro / outro sections, directly merging into and out of the first and final tracks.

This was recorded in a completely amateur setting with close to zero budget, errors and approximations, however not intentional, are present in this work. The intention was to deliver something visceral and spontaneous, with a "first take or nothing" attitude. The album was meant as a tribute to all great masters of early and primitve black metal (mostly second wave), but was at the same time heavily inspired by several contemporary raw underground black metal projects.

It is available to listen here on bandcamp: . 200 vinyl records with exclusive artwork on the outer sleeve and lyrics on the inner sleeve should be released before the end of the year and will be sold via the bandcamp page.

1. The Primordial Offering 06:48
2. Afloat the Ocean of Human Nothingness 05:05
3. Aeons of Illusion 04:02
4. Call of No Return 04:53
5. Devolved into Cattle 04:49
6. Astral Beasts of Prey 05:08
7. On the Way to the Forefathers 10:00

I hope you enjoy the listen, and do not hesitate to ask me about how the album was made and any other related questions. ANY constructive cryticism and feedback is more than welcome, even if you think the album is crap. This is this band's first release and the goal is to get better for next works.

Have a nice trip in Aspaarn primitive and malevolent universe,

Solaris Lupus