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Nov 22, 2005
Boston, MA // Northern VA

Posted: 08.02.2006

Rating: 7

Evermork - Astral Forest Winds

01. Autumn Meteor Shower
02. The Comet
03. Death Is Soon

Sweden: 2004
Genre: Melodic Black/Death Metal
Label: Oak-Knoll Records
Length: 09:36 minutes

Vocals: Micke Mork
Guitars, Bass Guitar: Stefan Skogen
drums: Johan Vinter

Reviewed by DerRozzengarten

Evermörk come from Sweden and I was really impressed when I held the CD in my hands and stared at that beautiful, desolate and drowned in grey colors cover! I wish I could be so amazed with the music of the band as well which, to avoid misunderstandings, was really good, but not as much I’d like it to be.

They released their first effort, a 3-track EP, during 2004 and the name of it “Astral Forest Winds”. Imagine a mixture of Dissection with In Flames and you’ll get what I mean, sounding powerful reaching the point of aggressive at times, but having always a sense of melody in their sound, a sense of obscure melancholy if I may say echoing through doses of anger.

“Autumn Meteor Shower” has a Dissection approach both in structure and feeling, without reaching though the production and inspiration of their renowned country mates and sounding more light in sound. A good melodic song nonetheless that opens in an appropriate way this 3-track EP. “The Comet” follows (is it just me or they having something with comets/meteors?) and it is a first era In Flames sounding composition keeping the interest of the listener to good levels. “Astral Forest Winds” reaches its end with “Death Is Soon”, a raging and at the same time melodic black/death metal composition.

All in all, Evermörk is a good and promising band with a good production which could have been better, well-executed and wonderful guitar work, interesting screaming vocals that need to be improved and inspired ideas. "Astral Forest Winds" is a 3-track EP won’t cost you too much, so you can always give it a try.