At Dustin's request, my poem about metal.


I love run on sentences
Feb 11, 2002
Murray, Ut
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This is to punctuate my return to metal by rejoining Katagory V.

Ode to Metal

While I'm very fond of Jazz, pop, and funk,
There's one thing that's constant. I love me some chunk!
From small child to teen - through orthodontic pain.
Braces came - braces went, but my metal grin remained.

Because life's a cruel bitch that i've known all too well,
with razor sharp claws, she inflicts all sorts of hell!
But when times are so tough that most others flameout.
Us metalheads just smile... then we bust the horns out! \m/

And much music around me is poignant and sweet.
Still, I pine for a loincloth, a broadsword... red meat!
So it's 666 "hails!" loud and clear!
We'll send the naysayers home - jellied with fear.

Indie hipsters will whine between sips of their Pabst,
"Metal is dead, man! It belongs in the past!"
And what about the DJ and the vinyl he spins?
Even he knows, deep down, it's metal that wins.

It soothes us - excites us. Has us bouncing off walls.
Just surrender to metal and rediscover your balls.