At first glance of the sun, Supreme Commander Van Dick looked up ...

and wiped his eyes, for he had no tears left to cry. How can one describe the sadness when your vcicious brother in blind anger stabs you in the back. You thought of him like an exemple to live for, a great man, but yet again, fate has proven that no tie of blood, no oath of honour can survive when a girl joins the game.

Athena Christine Kozak, was her name. Though her last name sounded a bit funny, she must have been one of the most beautiful creatures on this earth ever created. Her black curly hair, as if it were raven tress, locks covering her heavenly smile, which by the golden sunlight of sundown, could put spells on every man. But she was venom. An amazon, cursed by the sins of the father. Evinho, the Evil, the same one who in the long past was the treacherous leader of the Magyar Defense Troops near Pest, but when he got chicken, sold out to the Turks and so betrayed the most legendary and beautiful empire the face of the earth ever had seen.
"She must be mine", screamed Ironjaws out loud while the bastard put the knife deep and well in Van Dick's well muscled body.

The only friend, Van Dick ever had, betrayed his soul and his life, for a woman. For years they had been wondering round the world, floating across the seventh seas. They were pirates on the "Maidencentral", the most vicious pirates' boat ever to sail on the worlds' oceans.
They shared pain and misery, but they harvested gold and glory when the treasure was found near the bear's cavern on the mysterious deserted island where they were stranded.

Van Dick would never have found the treasure, if it wasn't for Ironjaws. When Kyle A Sin was lying bleeding on the floor, having unzipped his pants, Ironjaw's erection pointed out the way to the mystic signs on the wall.

They had split the treasure. ANd acquired a new boat, new servants, fame and glory. But who ever thought that Ironjaws could have been bisexual.

When Van Dick promised his steph daughter to Tcall, Ironjaws decided to commit dishonour.

Oh gods of thunder and storm, what will happen now?:loco: :err:
Van Dick will realize the family tie between Ironjaws and Athena, and he will kindly remove that bloody knife from his all-muscle torso.
He will have to re-tell some parts of the story to eliminate some errors of logic.
A possible correction could be to reserve the role of the backstabber for Tim "Landlubber" Smirnoff, a.k.a. The Porn Pirate.