Band: Rot in Pieces


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Hi everybody. I want to introduce our band: Rot in Pieces.
The band was formed in 1999, and since the line-up was continually changing, only 1 song was composed until 2000. Then, i joined in feb 2000, and another song was composed.
Now, we finally have a really good drummer !!! and all is set for new composals. If you want to hear what one of our songs sound like, go to:
Our web page is:
If you liked rot in pieces, you will probably like supplice: the solo project of the former guitarist and vocalist of R.I.P
However, on the mp3s you'll find on the net, there is no drums...
Another thing too: we have no limits... so, the difference between the 2 songs of r.i.p on the net is huge!!!

Anyways, if you liked it and if you want to email me:
If you want to email the guitarist founder: