Barbarian's Birthday Party Thread


Apr 21, 2001
Timmy's house
Yes, in a few hours time, the mighty Barbi will be 24!!!
In a few more years (and after a few more operations) he might even become a man :D

So put on your party hats and raise a toast to Barbi....... The oldest Turkey in the shop:D
Awwwwwww!!!!(Tcall style;) )
Hhhoouuuwwwwww!!!!(Were-wolf style:D )

Well thank you to ALL since you are all great people...
I really wish to meet with each of you sometime...


Hey umut don't forget your present promise...
Hey where are the other presents...?;) :D

Since I have a few years to be a man don't I deserve presents
as a child eh ,tcall? :D

Again thanx to all......Small things can give great happiness sometimes...:D :D