BARE INFINITY: The Butterfly Raiser


God of Thunder
Apr 1, 2005
near KC
Alerted to this via the ProgPower USA Facebook page... Glenn states: "Well, this came out of no where to kick my ass this morning. BARE INFINITY blend aspects of all the big hitters with female vox - Nightwish, Epica, Delain, & Amaranthe. If you only sample one song, you will not get a true idea of the diversity. My personal fave is "In Desertis." I bought it from (where you can stream the entire thing)."

New Release: Bare Infinity - The Butterfly Raiser (March 2017)

"...Bare Infinity release their new album The Butterfly Raiser on 3rd March 2017. The Butterfly Raiser is the band's third studio release and signifies the band's return with this killer 12 Track album boasting guest musicians Albert Dannenmann ( Ex-Blackmore's Night), Ioannis Maniatopoulos (TriState Corner), Max Morton (Morton Band) and Sarah Wolf (AfterTime). The Butterfly Raiser features a combination of beautifully balanced melodies, folk elements and heavy guitar riff-work, all highlighting and highlighted by Ida Elena's mesmerising vocal talent delivering power and passion without compromise on every song...."


This is really great news -- their 2009 release went by without a blink for most. I love the disc and still play it occasionally, always wondering what happened to the band. I will buy this one blind based on their previous work, and this new material sounds excellent.
I've played it more than a few times and I'm really enjoying it. Mostly mid-paced with more electronica than the first. Sounds a bit like a mix of Amaranthe/Nightwish without male vocals. There are a couple folksy tracks due to the keys. It's melodic, it's got punch when needed, the chick singer is excellent, memorable songs, beefy guitars. Some guest vocals here and there...Nice disc!
From band's FB page: "We are excited to release our new lyric video for the song 'Orion's Light" from our new album "The Butterfly Raiser" which was released last month and is now available worldwide from Blackdown Music . The song features a duet with Sarah Wolf from the American symphonic band AfterTime "