Batlle of the Bands Quarter Final 8: Blaze Vs Deep Purple

Blaze Vs Purple

  • Blaze

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  • Purple

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Blaze. Deep Purple *did* give us the Voice of Rock, Glenn Hughes, so if he was still in the band they'd win. But he's not, so Baldie gets it.
Purple. Look at the dudes who have been in that band.... Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, Richie Blackmore, Steve Morse, etc etc plus classic albums like Machine Head and In Rock etc..
Deep Purple! Blaze may be a good band (sorry, that's B L A Z E - my bad), but Purple did, do, and will continue to shite all over 'em :)
yeah, Coverdale sang on 3 albums with Purple........ Burn, Stormbringer, and Come Taste the Band. He also recruited Ian Paice and Jon Lord into Whitesnake, so that band had 3/5's of its members who were once in Purple.