Been gone too long!


New Metal Member
Jul 12, 2016
Morning, folks. I'm Kris and it's been many a year since I was involved in a metal (or any really) forum. I hope you're all well.

Main reason is with real life taking over, I haven't really been involved in music or the local scene for some time. I used to be in a band called Dead At The Scene, labeled progressive deathcore at some point among other things. If you're interested in checking what that was like, our band camp is
Not sure how you feel, but I wasn't happy with where the scenes were going. Having survived the Myspace era and almost the djent stage (although I do enjoy some of this stuff), the metal scene overall just felt saturated with bands either rich enough to pay to play on decent tours/gigs, or had the look. Being from Scotland was a disadvantage in itself too.

So basically, I'm here for a few reasons. I have a new musical project I feel currently represents the state of affairs. it's a post-metal type project (if genres are important). The name of the project is bleak. and links are

Influences from the likes of Cult of Luna, Isis (the band), Envy, the state of the world, mental health, cynicism etc.

I'm also keen to see what's happening with the underground these days as it was once the thing that made me feel so great. I feel it's all become so corporate now, I can't support local shows. The "promoters" are there for profit only. I couldn't tell you how many people came and went for fast money, or tried to take advantage of decent local acts.

Anyway, I feel 'm rabbiting on a bit much here! Sorry for the opening essay :) Keen to hear about you guys and what to look out for.