BLAAST - a new band from Bulgaria needs some support.Please check us out :)


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Aug 13, 2012
BLAAST is a fresh extreme metal project from Bulgaria and we need some support, so we'll be happy if someone is willing to check us out. Here are some links and info about us.
Please give us a listen and like our FBpage!
THANK YOU and CHEERS from Bulgaria

Blaast is a extreme metal project from the coast of the Danube river, Svishtov, Bulgaria. It started in 2010 and the first demo was recorded in the summer of 2011. Blaast has it's own home studio and that is where all the records were made.
The project has only two members: Vasil Penchev (all instruments, vocals and post production) and Denitsa Hristova (lyrics and vocals).