"black metal friends"


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Jan 9, 2002
Download "black metal friends", by Atom and His Package

I hate the "band" that does this, but the lyrics are hilarious.

In the mountains of Norway,
where the weather is cold,
There is nothing to do,
but kill each other,
and play guitar in the snow.

I found the song a year ago, by the way, by searching for "black metal burn down churches" at random.
Originally posted by Don Corleone
"in the mountains of norway"...and some of those lyrics are stolen from emperor. i dont remember which track...

first line of the first track of Nightside, i think "Into the infinity of thoughts" or something like that. i think he says 'a dark trip through the northern mountains of norway' maybe.. don't have the CD here to check. yes, i like emperor.

Originally posted by Lordenlil
What boring joke lyrics even... so utterly not funny because it's
been done to many times already... *gasps*
I agree fully here...

And the Emperor line is:
As the Darkness creeps over the northern mountains of Norway and the silence reach the woods, I awake and rise.