Blazing Prods Update

At the end of this year or 2008 we will release the following compilation CD:
DRAGOBRATH "Scripture of the Woods"
KRODA "Wind from the Mountains (Spring Is Coming)"
CAPITOLLIUM "I am the Night"
GOLIARD "Eternal Gloom Reigning"
TCHUGAISTER "Tchugaister"
VOLHV "Zemlya Samosti"
SINAH "Bol' Bez Ventza"
LUT' "Mi Idemo"
BAAL ZEBUTH "The Pestilence of Night"
SUMRAK "Pogan'"
ARYAN ART "B'lgaria... Zavinagi V Moeto S'rze"

More information will follow later.
New release planned:
The Noble Path - ?
After experimentations under the name of Final Command, the decision has been taken to shape a new / renewed project with the same spiritual principles, but of a more studied and carefully designed sound; thus The Noble Path has been born. It is the aescethical will of the ksatriya, the principle of the solar warrior emanated in sound.

More information later on.

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new items:
Altar Shadows Speckledy Falcons CD
Archgoat Whore of Bethlehem CD
Arianrhod Pour ta Nation! CD
Armaggedon Ave Satan CD
Aryadeva Kshatra CD
Aryan Storm The Voice of Blood CD
Astra Polaris / Moloch Shadows of the Past / Rotted Strings of Life CD
Before God Under the Blood Banner CD
Besatt Czarci Majestat CD
Besatt In Nomine Satanas CD
Bilskirnir Wotansvolk CD
Bloodhammer The Passion of the Devil CD
Capricornus / Der Stürmer Polish / Hellenic Alliance CD
Celtic Dawn Mit Stählerner Hand! CD
Chevrotine Aux Armes! CD
Cristalys Quintessence Celtique CD
Dark Ages Chronicle of the Plague CD
Dark Ages Twilight of Europe CD
Darkthule Beyond the Endless Horizons CD
Dr. Merlin Péchés de Jeunes CD
Dr. Merlin Soleil de Pierre CD
Drudkh Autumn Aurora CD
Drudkh The Swan Road CD
Eldrig Kali CD
Evig Natt I am Silence CD
Förgjord Henkeen Ja Vereen CD
Frostkrieg Das Astrale Fenster CD
Grendel Beowulf CD
Hate Forest Nietzscheism CD
Hate Forest Scythia CD
Hate Forest Sorrow CD
Hate Forest The Most Ancient Ones CD
Hellas The Black Death Anthology 1989 - 2006 CD
Horna Haudankylmyyden Mailla CD
Hypothermia Köld CD
Karelian Warcry Kylma Rautainen CD
Kawir Arai CD
Kawir Epoptia CD
Knox Om Pax Laudanum CD
Lja Til Avsky For Livet CD
Lotus Circle Bottomless Vales and Boundless Floods CD
Luten Relying only on itself CD
Malvento Memoriae Mali CD
Moloth Sturm CD
Nocturne / Noctifer Wargod Domination CD
Northdark Nostalgia CD
Orthanc 7 Ans de Réflexion CD
Pagalguenna Dreams CD
Perdition Antihuman Divinity CD
Raven's Bane Sorrow Breeds CD
Rodovest Here is the Russian Land CD
Sacrificia Mortuorum Maturum Est CD
Scorched-Earth Devils in Iron CD
Shrapnel Sturm CD
Sieghetnar Todessehnsucht CD
Ultimatum Jeunes et Européens CD
Vandal Surrounded but not broken CD
Vlok Volkovstvo CD
Volh Solemn March into the Ragnarok CD
Wolfsangel Wehrwolf Spirit CD
Wyrd Vargtimmen Pt. II CD
Bilskirnir / Hunok Allied by Heathen Blood Tape
Dwarka Zonsopkomst Tape
Hate Forest Temple Forest Tape
Hate Forest The Curse Tape
Marblebog Forestheart Tape
Othar / Dark Fury Shall I Drink the Fulfilment… / We are the Only Gods Tape
Ravagar Forest Grief Tape
Thunder Marchando Sobre O Gelo Tape
Venedae Dekada Słowiańskiej Supremacji 1993 - 2003 Tape
Azaghal Perkeleen Luoma + Kyy Vinyl
Capricornus / Der Stürmer Polish / Hellenic Alliance Vinyl
Uncreation's Dawn Lightning Hammer Falls Vinyl
Laudatio Funebris Issue Number 1 ZINE Litterae
Absurd SHIRT Varia
Bilskirnir / Hunok Allied by Heathen Blood SHIRT Varia
Venedae Krew & Honor SHIRT Varia
Volkolak Hail to the God of the Sun SHIRT Varia -> Mercatvs
Pre-orders are now accepted for the Dub Buk vinyl:

Dub Buk - Misjac Pomsty (The Moon of Revenge)
12" gatefold LP
14 Euro

Dub Buk - Idu Na Wy! (Go on war!)
12" gatefold double LP
18 Euro

Dub Buk - Rus' Ponad Use! (Rus' above All!)
12" gatefold LP
14 Euro

Prices are excluding shipment costs.
Email for more information!

There is a huge interest in these vinyls, be quick to be sure.
Lots of new reviews added. For example of Alioth, Bone AWL, Craft, Diamond Eyed Princess, Hagall, Heathen Dawn, Necromantia and Wold.


Shamb hala - Sacred Path of the Warrior

Taken from Forum Europae - read the whole article at: ef92bece2112231ec152778d78aa103a

This glossary is compiled from the writings and teachings of the Venerable Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, the Dorje Dradul of Mukpo, and his students. These are excerpts of the book "Shambhala, Sacred Path of the Warrior".

He who has neither beginning nor end
Who possesses the glory of Tiger Lion Garuda Dragon
Who possesses the confidence beyond words
I pay homage at the feet of the Rigden King

"For the dignified Shambhala person,
An unwaning authentic presence dawns" (151)
AUTHENTIC PRESENCE: (Tibetan "wangthang"); a "field of power." "The basic idea of authentic presence is that, because you achieve some merit or virtue, therefore that virtue begins to be reflected in your being, your presence. So authentic presence is based on cause and effect. The cause of authentic presence is the merit you accumulate, and the effect is the authentic presence itself." (pg 159) "Authentic presence brings meekness, perkiness, outrageousness and ultimately achieves inscrutability. (See The Four Dignities of the Warrior's Path" Naturally, the apprentice warrior must go through training. (See "Shambhala Training", starting with the right attitude to life, � experiencing delight and leading your life elegantly. Pain and depression, as well as pleasure, may be source materials for study. A sense of wholesomeness makes life worth living; a sense of genuineness brings confidence. (Personal) Outer Authentic Presence: "Because you achieve some merit or virtue, therefore that virtue begins to be reflected in your being, your presence." "If a person is modest and decent and exertive, then he will begin to manifest some sense of good and wholesome being to those around him." (pg 159, 160-61)
Inner Authentic Presence: "...the inner meaning of authentic presence... is the path of Shambhala warriorship. Inner authentic connected to the realization of primordial space, or egolessness."
CAUSE: Letting Go"The cause or the virtue that brings inner authentic presence is emptying out and letting go. Inner authentic presence comes from exchanging yourself with others, from being able to regard other people as yourself, generously and without fixation. An experience of non-fixed mind; mind without fixation. So the inner merit that brings inner authentic presence is the experience of non-fixed mine, mind without fixation." ...
RESULT : Genuiness. "a person who has inner authentic presence...has an overwhelming genuineness, which might be ...frightening because it is so true and honest and real. You experience a sense of command radiating from the person of inner authentic presence." "on one hand authentic presence is the result of a gradual, developmental process of letting goof ego fixation. On the other hand, it is also the result of an instantaneous, magical, process of letting go of fixed mind. The two are always working together. ... the abrupt and spontaneous process that brings authentic presence is raising windhorse." (pg 159-160) "In order to sustain {the} glimpse and manifest that presence fully, there is a need for discipline. ... This process is called the warrior's path of the four dignities.
Akitsa Aube de la Misanthropie CD
Algor Uder pohanskeho hnevu CD
Anti-Geldof Compilation Various artists CD
Apostate From Consign to Oblivion to a Song of the Dead Like... CD
Arkona Imperium CD
Arkona Konstelacja Lodu CD
Arkona / Moontower W szponach wojennej bestii CD
Der Henker Annihilation in Blasphemy CD
Devilry Stormbolt CD
Evil Incarnate Waiting for His Return CD
Fomorii / Wiatr Split CD
Funeral Winds Nexion Xul (The Cursed Bloodline) CD
Heiden Potomkum Pozemskeho Soumraku CD
Hromovlad Vladea Lesov, Skalnych Stien CD
Huldrefolk Eeuwenhout CD
Inferno Stare Bezbozne Emoce CD
Massenvernichtung Im Dienste des Morddoms CD
Moontower / Taran Devil's Incarnation CD
Nargaroth Semper Fidelis CD
Raven Dark Verdandi / Berustet av Kriegsdronnet CD
Severe Storm Satanic Combat / Ragnarok CD
Tundra Ansia CD
Aetheres / Alone in Mourning Fires in Darkness Tape
Akitsa La Grande Infamie Tape
Apolion Hungry of Souls Tape
Apolion The Mute God of Deaf Men Tape
Apolion / Gaszimmer Necro Black Elitist Alliance Tape
Finis Gloria Dei In Tenebris / Consecration of the Horned God Tape
Funerary Call Unearthed Tape
Devilry Muslim Genocide Vinyl
Devilry Stormbolt Vinyl
Satanic Warmaster / Aryan Blood The Chant of the Barbarian Wolves / Strength Nobility Pride Vinyl
Akitsa Ode au Temps passé SHIRT Varia
Devilry Stormbolt SHIRT Varia -> Mercatvs
All three Dub Buk vinyl: out now!

Dub Buk - Misjac Pomsty (The Moon of Revenge)
12" gatefold LP
14 Euro

Dub Buk - Idu Na Wy! (Go on war!)
12" gatefold double LP
18 Euro

Dub Buk - Rus' Ponad Use! (Rus' above All!)
12" gatefold LP
14 Euro

Prices are excluding shipment costs.

We had connection problem, so we are behind with all mail. Please be patient.

If you can and want, please spread this news. Thanks.
New items arrived - 25.10.07:
Absurd Raubritter CD
Absurd Totenlieder CD
Aetheres Laknienie Misterium Nocy CD
A.I.D.S. Syndrome of the End approaching CD
Black Hole Generator Black Karma CD
Dark Messiah Immortal Battlefield CD
Forteresse Metal Noir Quebecois CD
Grimnismal Grimnismal / Asablot - The Pagan Survival CD
Huginn Back from the Old Hills CD
Legion of Doom Kingdom of Endless Darkness CD
Mephisto Metal of Death CD
Nachtfalke First Battles CD
Nachtfalke Following the Wanderers Path CD
Niflheim Neurasthenie CD
NKVD Diktatura CD
North Thorns on the Black Rose CD
Satanic Warmaster Revelation CD
Somnivore Clergy of Oneiros CD
Stalaggh Projekt Misanthropia CD
Stalaggh Projekt Terrror CD
The Martyrium Verachtung CD
Todesstoß Selbstentleibung - Der Annaherung erster Teil CD
Totenburg / Antiphrasis Mit Uns das Blut / Schlachten der Ehre CD
Trist Stiny CD
Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa s/t CD
Zargof Departure for the Cosmis Twilight CD
Zofos Lore Unfolds CD
Arkona / Moontower W Sponach Wojennej Bestii Tape
Besatt Hellstorm Tape
Besatt Triumph of Antichrist Tape
Lascowiec / Marblebog / Verzivatar Deep Horizons of Eternity Tape
Volkolak Hail to the God of the Sun Tape
Absurd Grimmige Volksmusik Vinyl
Absurd / Pantheon Wolfskrieger / Galdur Vikodlaks Vinyl
Darkthule In the Sight of Dawn Vinyl
Barastir / Ugluk Under the Banner of Hate / Hveralundr Vinyl
Blodsrit Helveteshymner Vinyl
Branstock Lewwer Duad Us Slaw Vinyl
Dub Buk Misyac Pomsty Vinyl
Dub Buk Idu Na Wy! Vinyl
Dub Buk Rus Ponad Use! Vinyl
Forteresse Traditionalisme Vinyl
Gaszimmer Dominazione di Eternita Vinyl
Gauntlet's Sword Theosophy Vinyl
Iron Youth Faith is stronger than Fire Vinyl
Kroda Cry to me River Vinyl
Loits Ei Kahetse Midagi Vinyl
Malfeitor / Amok Split EP Vinyl
Menneskerhat Der Weg zum Galgen Vinyl
Necrophagia Harvest Ritual - Volume 1 Vinyl
Nokturne Embracer of Dark Ages Vinyl
Shining The Darkroom Sessions Vinyl
Bloodhammer Logo patch Misc
Bilskirnir / Hunok Allied by Heathen Blood T-Shirt Misc
Evil Also sprach der Antichrist T-Shirt Misc
Marblebog Marvanymocsar T-Shirt Misc
Wotan Mit Uns T-Shirt 001 Misc
Wotan Mit Uns T-Shirt 002 Misc -> Mercatvs

chapter IV of Pagan Imperialism by J. Evola
"Those who know and those who believe"

But there is an even greater usurpation: that which religion—in the narrowest and newest sense of the term—accomplishes by securing for itself control and expertise in matters of the “sacred” and of the “divine”.

The sacred and the divine are matters of faith. This is the truth which has been imposed on Europe of late. Our truth is otherwise: it is better to know that we don't know rather than to believe.

In the contemporary mentality, there is a central point at which the attitudes of materialistic science and religion meet: in an identical renunciation, in an identical pessimism, in an identical agnosticism about the spiritual, declared and methodical in one case, veiled in the other.

The premise of materialistic science is basically that science—in the sense of real, positive and empirical knowledge—can only subsist in what is physical; and that in the non-physical there can be no science, so that the scientific method neglects it and abandons it, by lack of authority, to belief, to the dull and arbitrary abstractions of philosophy, or to the “exigencies” of sentiment and morality.

In addition, religion, insofar as it is focused exclusively on faith and does not admit an esoteric initiatory teaching beyond the profane religion imposed on the masses, or a gnosis beyond pious superstition, ends up with the same renunciation. In fact, one believes only when one does not know and thinks one cannot know. Hence, there is again the same agnosticism of the “positivists” with respect to whatever is not material and gross reality.
Read all at:
We are creations of the Past, by denying and being denied all that what we were and are, there's no direction to head to, no course.
The Present, characterized by many degenerations, is nothing, mere materialism in all its forms.
What the Present needs, is an active revival to restore ourselves, restoration of OUR Body, Mind, Spirit.
Europa Europae
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