Bloody buggering hell!!


Miserable Bastard
Apr 16, 2001
Enfield, South Australia
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I just found the Sab's "Ozzy Osbourne Years" box set at for the bargain price of $35. I tried to order it, and they'll only take credit cards :mad: . That's financial fascism, that is! If you listen carefully, you'll hear my chequebook sobbing.


Note: I'm well aware that I don't actually *need* said box set, but 'twould be nice...
It's a sad, sad day when Criminal Masterminds are stymied by a simple online credit card form.

Just like everything else nowadays. Nothing's as good as they were in the old days. Now take Lex Luthor. There was a QUALITY criminal mastermind.
So I'm a criminal mastermind who doesn't have (or want) a credit card. Ya wanna make somphin' of it boy, huh? ;)

Another thing I don't have is a glamourous female assistant who bears a striking resemblance to Janet Jackson and looks mighty good in leather. Applications are welcome!