board seems to be a bit slow ,

It's linked from the official Katatonia website, and a message was sent out to the Katatonia mailing list (270-some people..). I've done about all I can do to let Katafans know this exists. Anyways, I'm patient...
Hi Everyone!
I'm here! :) (for today)..heheh:D
I've had my LFDGD cd packed with me on on my roadtrips lately so I've been listening TONS to it.. tis fucking killer! I LOVE IT and the guys have outdone themselves with this one.
Glad they finally got a cool board to chat. I'm sure I'll be around a lot, but tomorrow I'm off to CA to catch the last 2 Opeth gigs.
YEAH! :eek:
but booo... it's almost over:cry: