Riotusly Extreme!
Jul 9, 2001
North Wales
I know alot of you have enjoy this band as much as I, so i was wondering if you'd heard any of the new tracks yet?

I've heard "The Genuine Pulse" and i think it's really strong!! Is the old vocalist still with them?
Yeah the track was off the Terrorizer disk. I'd fogotten that Vortex had gone to Dimmu full time!! Still, this Vintersorg bloke can certainly cut it, so im looking forward to its release now!!

But it'll never beat The Olden Domain!!
Listening to it now ... I'm dissapointed. Its a good song, but it isn't Borknagar enough for me...I prefer their previous albums, Vintersorg just doesn't fit in I think ... though I love his albums...I don't know... I guess I'll get used to it, and then I'll dig this!
Wow, this song sounds incredible. Well, standing alone it is amazing, in the context of older borknagar, it's not the greatest thing I've heard, it actually sounds like a different band.....Vintersorg does a great vocal job. Thi s is definitely a progression!