Brain Damage Tour 2002,


This year´s biggest sensation - to the greatest pleasure of all hard rock fans - will be the new mega-location, the Metal Hammer Stage. Hard music previously could only be found in separate and remote locations, however, this year, they will be grouped together, in a brand new and much larger tent. 1.2 hectares of land is being landscaped, and 1.500 m3 of litter is being transported away, thus increasing the area of the festival and developing a cultured environment around the stage. The Sziget´s organisers, have asked the editors of Metal Hammer, Hungary´s oldest and most popular rock music magazine, to compile a weekly schedule that as far as possible, represents the colourful variety of the national and international rock/metal scene in 2001. Ten foreign and sixty native bands will play by the end of the week. The daily musical program will be very versatile, from early afternoon untill early morning. All styles of hard music will be present, from classical heavy metal, to contemporary skating music through popular progressive rock/metal, soft rock, power doom or even extreme black metal. All the great legendary bands (Beatrice, Ossian, Lord, Pokolgép), as well as the new generation's finest (FreshFabrik, Mood, Stonehenge, Neck Sprain) will be present. Plenty of surprises will still await the fans, as for instance, this will be the first real festival party for the legendary Hungarian hard rock band, P.Boksz. The freshly re-united group, will be playing loads of brand new songs as well. This will be the location for the debut of Pokolgép´s original singer, Kalapács József´s new band, Kalapács. They also will be playing their new songs. Further more, the KISS Forever Band will be playing KISS songs, in an excellent interpretation just as Iron Maidnem plays Iron Maiden songs in a supreme quality. The international field will also be represented by a variety of famous bands, the Swedish band Hammerfall, who´ve played a major role in bringing heavy metal back into fashion in 1997. Overkill from New York, the king of power trash, will also be playing, as well as Nightwish from Finland, who play speed/power metal with the "help" of a classically educated opera singer. Rage and Moonspell will also be present, just as, Ignite, from L.A., one of the most characteristic representatives of melodic hardcore, with their singer Zoli Téglás, a Hungarian guy, living in the US.
Any one visiting the Metal Hammer stage can enjoy 10 hours per day of the very best international and national rock/metal music, for a whole week.