British Steel or Blizzard of Ozz

Which album do you prefer??

  • British Steel

    Votes: 5 23.8%
  • Blizzard of Ozz

    Votes: 16 76.2%

  • Total voters
Blizzard of Ozz, and it has a better guitar sound too, and better guitar playing! Thanks to good ol' Randy :)


(Not that I have anything against British Steel though)
Errm...British Steel is Priest, innit? And Blizzard of Ozz is obviously Ozzy? If I haven't heard either am I allowed to vote? 'Cause if I am, I'll go British Steel, cause I know I have heard {B]some[/B] of it. (If it is Priest that is). I may have heard some of Blizzard, but I'm not sure.

On second though put me down as "vote withheld". :(

BTW: is this :( angry or sad. Coz it looks angry to me. But I mean the one above to look sad.
I don't have either album but like both of them......on this occasion I'll have to vote for Priest because Icarus is such a 'swell' person, and also Mr Halford wears lots of leather, and you've gotta love that. :) Haha not that I have anything against you Herr Cooperman!
They are both classic albums... and I like both... but the main reason I went Blizzard is: Randy Rhoads! Best lead guitarist ever!!! :)

And his solos on that rule :D Especially in Mr. Crowley, Crazy Train and Revelation (Mother Earth).