Cadaverous Condition release

Hello to Türkiye and thanks for the nice welcome!
We indeed enjoyed the festival appearance in Ankara, especially the warm reception from the people there, so thanks again.
We tried to get back to Turkey for more gigs, but so far it was not possible. There were concrete plans for gigs twice, but once we got ripped off beforehand and the second chance dematerialized as well and both left us very angry.
Maybe you have an idea or reliable contacts? We would like to play in your country again, especially Istanbul would be nice to visit, but it all depends on the right conditions.
I'm going to follow up the festivals to be organized in Turkey for you. (Especially in Istanbul) And I'll let you know if there is a suitable show. There is no much activity this year for the fests. However there were many big festivals in previous years.
So you have the bardcode. When you get a PDF or copy of the artwork, etc you will show me that? You have my logo , release #. We've chatted online also. I'm checking the forums again. So I'm back :) for now hehe