Berk Yağlı

New Metal Member
Feb 23, 2021
Hello All,

I want to share with you my album "Symphony of Humanity"

and the music video of the piece "Obedient Workers" from the album.

It is a concept album that illustrates a third-person point of view of the frames of minds and certain phenomena that have been the catalyst of the disastrous events that humanity faces
today and to generate contemplation of the course of our future.
Tracklist of the album:
1- Manufacturing Consent: (00:00)
2- Freedom of War: (02:04)
3- Obedient Workers: (06:39)
4- An Urge To Be Free: (11:41)
5- Plague: (15:49)
6- Covidiot: (22:40)
7- What's Next?: (28:32)

Please listen and give me your sincere feedback.
I currently believe that it has many original elements to offer to the world of progressive metal. For instance, the narrative focused tracks(which are explored through unconventional
means-using the sound clips and etc. rather than the conventional vocal usage), the cinematic edge(it is heavily inspired by film music which I believe has a different taste from most of
the symphonic metal bands), and the usage of many different compositional techniques blended with prog (such as minimalist music, techno, heavy metal, romantic period classical
music, contemporary classical music, east coast and west coast synthesis techniques, as well as synthwave) are the traits of my current music. I also recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced the whole album.

Hoping you will like this new and unique style of prog metal.