CIRCLE II CIRCLE Manager In Legal Dispute With Singer ZAK STEVENS


Sep 22, 2006
Wonder what this all about? Hope they patch it up, I like the band.

CIRCLE II CIRCLE executive producer/co-founder/manager Dan Campbell of Global Artists Management has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the group's frontman Zak Stevens claiming "breach of contract" and accusing Stevens of "attempting to embezzle funds from the partnership." According to a press release issued by Campbell, "The two have been in business for five years together with the relationship beginning in 1993 when Dan introduced Zak to his longtime friend and partner Criss Oliva which led to the employment of Zak as the new vocalist for the band SAVATAGE.

"After leaving SAVATAGE for family reasons Zak co-founded the band CIRCLE II CIRCLE with Dan in 2002, leading to three very successful releases on AFM Records. As executive producer and manager of the band, Dan secured several recording agreements and pushed the band to new heights throughout the early 2000s, leading up to the brilliant 'Burden of Truth'."

"Burden of Truth" was released last October. The CD was recorded at Tampa's Morrisound Recording.
Before anyone says anything about Zak, I want everyone to know that I have never had any problems with him directly. I cannot say the same about his former manager.

Read all you want into that statement.
I'm letting this one alone. It's nobody's business but the people involved. There are two sides to every story and to trash either side without knowing the full story and facts is ludicrous at best.
I agree, seems only one side is talking so far. My only reason for reposting it here is that it is relevant to the progpower genre, but more so, I like the band and particularly Zak's vocals so I hoped someone might be privy to future plans and professionally where the various members might go or what they might do now, musicially that is. My intent certainly wasn't to create a thread for bashing either side.
Circle II Circle response:

"It is unfortunate that our former manager has chosen to issue a press release with false accusations after the termination of his services. The decision to part ways with Global Artists was unanimous within the band as a result of our dissatisfaction with recent decisions & behavior exhibited by our former manager. I am confident this matter will be resolved swiftly once the details are examined by legal parties. Circle II Circle members stand united on this situation and look forward to the completion of the new album this fall. "
It's a shame people feel the need to air their dirty laundry out in public like this. Shame on his former manager.
I was at the Circle II Circle show Sat July 7th. Dan Campbell was there hanging out by the side of the bar. Wonder why he'd do that after suing Zack. Zack is a guy that ALWAYS has a smile on his face and doesnt seem like a backstabber. And Campbell never played a NOTE on ANY of the records. Like Jack Koshick, I've NEVER heard a good thing about the guy, although he was nice enough to me during the Watching in Silence sessions. Make up your own minds, I suppose.
I would love to see CIIC live again....Can;t believe we will be getting another album so soon!!
Based on my past interactions with Zak, the 1st line-up of musicians in CIIC ( I did a tour with them after they left and were playing with Jon), Jon Oliva, and Dan... I have an opinion on who would be at fault...
and I'd bet good $$ that my opinion would be backed by fact of all involved except the 1 guilty party
But guess it's up to the courts to settle it.
I hope justice is served, cause the slimy lying bastard (whoever that is :) ) does not deserve anything.
Sorry, but I cannot resist......pardon me Glenn!

This is absolutely priceless........Zak finally fired that loser!

Partnership or no partnership, the legal fee's involved with retaining attorneys, filing motions, scheduling depositions, and the surreal amount of paperwork-overbilling creates an absolutley no-win situation for either party.....In other words, both parties will completely outspend whatever $$ judgment they hope to win. Trust me, I know first hand about the civil court system and DC is far to stupid and probably dead broke. Plus you gotta have friends and witness's who are willing to testify on your behalf. He clearly has neither......lmao....

But you know what the funniest part of the whole statement is (and all current member's of JOP can attest)?.......
Dan " I WROTE THE BOOK ON STEALING" Campbell attempting to sue someone else for embezzeling the very funds he stole and put in his own pocket".....Absolutely insane............haahahahahaaa!

He should have been kicked to the friggin curb when the 1st C2C line-up quit. .................Karma is a bitch......

Wow,just saw them twice this past weekend.
I have nothing to add other than what Glenn has said(as my friend down here who booked them for the Pt St Richie show at Borbon St basicly said what Glenn said)
You know, I'm glad I'm just a fan and not a musician or promoter that has to know about and put up with this shit! :zombie: I guess I like being naive when it comes to my favorite bands.