Ian "Dake" Swift
Feb 15, 2016
Syracuse, New York
Hey everyone! Big news from Cliff Burton of Metallica! No you're not going crazy, I do mean that Cliff Burton. Cliff was found alive and well in Sweden producing music and talking about a surprise visit to Metallica on their Early 2017 tour. If you're confused and just want to know what the story is all about and what actually happened, I'm hear to tell you that!

Cliff said in a interview, that's not online or in English, that in 1986 he was sleeping on the bus and realized that he fell out and that it was about to crash. He quickly ran out and escaped into the Swedish forest. James, Lars, Kirk and everyone else helping Metallica searched through the wreckage and found almost no trace of his body and just assumed that his corpse was decapitated from the bus and left him for dead.

While Cliff was in the woods, he ran into a cabin and stayed in the cabin until Metallica went back home. During that time, he bough a new bass and wrote material for a solo album. After Metallica came home, he went back into civilization and made a deal with Dragon Records, a jazz record label from Sweden, and released about 16 albums since around 1986/87.

These albums are mainly Jazz with the only times he has came out of the Jazz atmosphere is that he put Anesthesia and a bass only version of Orion on the first album and Master of Puppets on a later album. You cannot find any of these album online because they're extremely rare, even in Sweden, and they can only be found in Vinyl and CD format and are extremely expensive.

I did say in the beginning of the post that he planned on coming back to Metallica. He said in an interview, don't look up this interview because it's not in English and it wasn't video recorded, that he wants to surprise Metallica during their 2017 tour for Hardwired... To Self Destruct, that he wants to move back to California and go on stage for one of Metallica's California shows.

He had talk about not coming back for a lot of reasons, but he said those reasons aside, he'll go back to Metallica and be apart of them once more. Some of these reason are Lars's beef with music streaming service Napster, James's and Lars's treatment of Jason Newsted, and how they sold out by having a radio friendly sound with the Black Album, the Alternative Made For Radio sound of Load and Reload, and St Anger's sound being similar to bands like Korn.

Hope you all enjoyed/understand the good news about Cliff Burton and comment about what you think! Are you excited? Are you hungry? Do you not believe this?