Compulsive buying, thanks xfer!

Reading books = primitive. Reading poorly written porn = wave of the future
I've never read anything by gaiman...I've got stardust sitting on my bookshelf and have had it there for probably two years, just never felt compelled to read it. My creative writing teacher gave American Gods a rave review in the paper she writes for...said it was like what would've happened if Jack Kerouac had written Lord of the Rings (which sets an unattainably high standard I think, but it should still be good).
kavalier and clay is AMAZING. i held off reading it for so long due to yuppie hype. but finally i got around to it and it really was very very good. probably the best modern novel i've read in years.
I've been thinking about buying that for the longest time just having seen it in a store and i talked to some dude on a plane who was reading it who said it was great, so i figure i might as well finally read it.
I have a subscription to McSweeney's so I got the "lost chapter" of Kavalier and Clay, too. it's published like a little thin comic book, and takes place after the events of the book. it's dece.
Gaiman isn't like Kerouac OR Tolkien. I would compare American Gods to Clive Barker if I did anyone. It's definitely one of the best books I have read, but it's not as good as his comic book work. Read The Sandman first.

Stardust is good, but if you don't have the version with the Charles Vess artwork, sell it and buy that version. Stardust - artwork = ok. Stardust + artwork = OMG FUKKIN AWESOME
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