Congrats due to Shane!!!


Aug 2, 2006
Dayton, OH
Alright, so I've been a little slow on posting this, but please forgive me, we're all busy songwriting.

Our dubious founder and the only man with hair longer than a nun's cunt has purchased himself a house!!! And not only that, but in the abysmal market that is Santa Barbara County! We have been anxiously awaiting his return from the deranged world of the mortgage agent and we finally have him back. Don't worry though, plenty good has come out of his camp, as we will now be working in a much upgraded studio (functioning air-cooling AND easier access to liquor!!!). Not to mention, that he followed my lead and picked up some new, kickass monitors.

We're still in search of a drummer, but we will be releasing new material in 2008. Don't hesitate to tell your friends, as we only have three real fans (at least, that we're not dating :lol::lol::lol:)!

May next year be more metal than this,
just wanted to say i'm a fan too and am looking forward to the new album.