CONSPIRACY - Album Title, Artwork & Tracklisting Revealed

Apr 29, 2008

Dutch eclectic Extreme Metal band CONSPIRACY returns with a brand new third full-length album entitled "Irremediable".

Previously helmed solely by Carpathian Wolf (Lupus Karpatius in Latin) for the previous two full-length albums, the band currently also consists of German guitarist / composer / orchestrator Aryan Blaze to join the ranks of CONSPIRACY.

Carpathian Wolf (a.k.a Al' Hazred, former member of Sumerian Black Metallers Melechesh) left Melechesh in 2008 to fully concentrate and focus on CONSPIRACY. CONSPIRACY's musical direction sees a more logical step towards the fulfillment and ideology of Carpathian Wolf himself.

CONSPIRACY head-honcho Carpathian Wolf comments: "This time CONSPIRACY doesn't just spit rage and hatred but presents the symphony of sinister entertainment for the chosen elite black metal consumer. The material on "Irremediable" ranges from Blackened Heavy Metal with melodic and harmonious guitar solos to Black Metal with unorthodox elements, which will pleasantly surprise even the most spoilt listeners."

"The cover art is based on the painting by the Belgian Satanist painter - Félicien Rops (1833-1898), which goes really fine with the dark poetry of Alister Crowley, Charles Baudelaire and some other classical masters."

"As an additional treat, some of the songs that are on "Irremediable" will feature pre-recorded drum performances by Dirk Verbeuren (Aborted, Soilwork, Scarve, etc) taken from "The Library Of The Extreme - Blasts & Fills" by Toontrack."

The official street release date for "Irremediable" will be announced at a later date.​


>>> Tracklisting <<<

1) Nocturnal Hunters
2) Ouverture (Instrumental)
3) Black Mass
4) End Of Religion
5) Pentagram
6) The Invocation Of Hecate
7) Irremediable
8) The Hag
9) Armageddon Broke
10) A Dream Of Fear
11) Carpathian Sunset (Instrumental)
12) Bukovina


Carpathian Wolf - All Instruments
Aryan Blaze - Guitars / Orchestration

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