Stormzone/Fireland - Lead Guitar
Sep 18, 2007
Northern Ireland
I used Andy's EZDrummer kit for the last Fireland album, and I also used it for this cover version I did over the Christmas break. It turned out better than I had expected, so I'm quite proud of it :)

I had originally used his EZMix pack, for the Teutonic guitar and bass sounds, but my AX8 ultimately sounded more like "my sound" so I went with those - but I doubt that anyone would have complained about the sounds if I hadn't switched. Very usable. It seems Andy's stuff is more ready to go straight out of the box than many of other packs.

I picked up a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 so I could now basically record a whole album on my laptop, sitting at my dining table... good times!

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Myfarog? Varg is that you? :p

Cool track, man!

edit* That AX8 sounds REALLY good in the mix, I'm impressed! Mind sharing more details?
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Holy shit, I suddenly forgot all that you typed before the link to the video, Thats a sweet track & music man!
Cheers, guys, much appreciated!

On that track, it was a KV2 with an 81 and a KV4 with an 85 through through the Das Metall model with the Cali cab. The rhythm guitars were doubled (i.e. quad tracked) with the FAS Modern III model with the same cab.

The bass was just the DI put through the SansAmp plugin, using a slightly tweaked SVT preset. Didn't need to be anything too fancy for the bass I played it myself so didn't need to be "featured" too much ;)

Not actually sure which snare that was - I don't think I tweaked it from a stock one, but I may have. I did buss it out and EQ it a little different though, maybe that's it. I'll check that when I'm back in the studio...

I'm currently in the middle of doing a new one, which should be out this weekend. I purposely used different guitar and bass sounds, just for funsies and practice, although they ended up not all that different in the end. I guess we have an idea of a sound in our heads and we make everything sound kind of like that.

Yeah, someone recently pointed out we'd used the same artwork as a D&D game or something lol Oh well, I guess we all shop at the same online artwork store ;)

Nice ax8 guitar rythm preset. Can you share the preset / settings?