Jan 8, 2017
So I had someone on facebook say that this is like, the worst, most thoughtless and unoriginal band logo ever. I'm all for taking critique. The music style is death metal mixed with thrash metal. 50/50
Who wants to roast my graphics design work!? Tell me everything you think is wrong with it!
Seriously, give me all you've got.


Also, I made this one as well but I didn't really like it. So roast this one too, if you want.
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Too computerized for my taste, makes me immediately think your band probably sucks.

Looks like a corporate logo for a pool cleaning business or some shit.
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The one in the tank is a nice idea. It could be good if it was drawn by hand. Logos ought to be unique to stand out, so using fonts doesn't help the cause. The band name is begging to be written with jagged bits of shrapnel. Start with paper and a pencil I say!
The bottom black metal style logo was pretty good, though I honestly did not like any of the top ones, with the exception of the one with the eagle atop your logo. I don't like the legible "SN", I think it would look better if it were somehow distorted into a symbol, or you could use some sort of symbol altogether.

The top logos are too boxy and normal looking.