Critique my mix ( All That Remains - This Calling )

Cultz Music Group

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Jan 6, 2017
Hey guys. Just downloaded and mixed these stems for the song This Calling by All That Remains. Overall I'm pretty happy with the final results but please let me know what you guys think as well. Incase you like it and want to know how I got this sound, I did make a youtube video showing my entire proccsing chain for all the tracks. Thanks and happy mixing.


Guitars are on point. Kicks sound great but they sound a little wide in the mix or am I hearing wrong? I think they should be more centered to give space for the guitars. Clean vocals mixing is spot on, and the performance even better. I would try making the snare a little bit more natural somehow, adjusting velocities. Also maybe lower the screams 1db or so
Firstly, I just wanna say this sounds freaking sick overall haha. Nice job!

Down to the critiques... I def agree with logan_mac on the snare. I think the snare's tone sounds good, just the velocity seems awful high, and maybe could use a wide cut in the upper mids to help it blend a little better. That's my personal take on it. I even think the vocals sound good, both clean and screamed. Just mostly the snare for me.

Keep it up!