Dark metal band looking for listeners

hi you.
so you've heard this style before.So what?!I have heard all the death metal I can stand and it's time for a change!More bands need to display melody in their music...How could you compare Lilitu to any other band, far an being unoriginal?!?!Tell me more.
Honestly, I think that you have no idea what music is supposed to be about.EVERYHING has been done and there is nothing a metal band is going to do that is going to be completely innovative unless they are a fucking polka metal band or some shit like that.
Hate Eternal.Now thats original!!!
:p :rolleyes:
U funny guy. U asking opinion of ppl or u would listen ur own ideas from others? Lot of bands has own sound even in this orthodox style as metal (Slayer, Edge of Sanity, Katatonia,Opeth,Amorphis, Bal-Sagoth etc etc etc), its why Im buying their albums. When your group will find an own sound, then, probably, I purchase their disk. If talk about me, so I have more music then u even can imagine, trust me. 4k tapes and 1k CDs, i live in Moscow and can buy tones of piratical shit for cheap price.So I have material for compare.
hey man,

whats going on!!

yeah, We will let you know when get the CD's back from pressing!
should be in early July!!

Thanks for showing your support, unlike others on this forum!


I downloaded a sample from the UM store (i think it was from the UM store!) of one of your songs and the song was really cool. Ive been meaning to buy the CD but i just haven't had the spare $. I will definitely pick it up one day though! keep up the good work! :)
i kinda like lilitu and i'm happy they're getting the exposure they deserve, but the best part is still re-reading old flames + comebacks in poor english. :)

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ruinandmisery said:
Thanks for showing your support, unlike others on this forum!


I really don't see what the problem is in Colddarknord exposing his point of view. Would it be written for me, I would take it as an advice rather then an attack against my music.

I guess he's someone reliable concerning metal, and you should trust him when he says that your band should try to be a little more original.
You seem to think that no band can be original in playing metal music. The point is that you can use various influences to create your own stuff. I'm not trying to moralize you, I play music also, and I know how hard it is to sound original, but I guess that it's still possible.
Just look at a band like Daylight Dies, their influences are obvious in their music (Katatonia, PAradise Lost and melodic death metal bands), but they've managed to make a thing of their own anyway. Just think that originality cannot exist in metal music and that's the end of it.

Take no personal offense about it, just my opinion...
You guys dug up this old post. Look at the date on it! Anyway, thanks for the positive comments.

We have began recording our next un-original effort. Maybe we could be more like Day Light Dies and totally rip off a band, just my opinion.

A new site will be up soon!

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