DARKANE: 'Mechanically Divine' Video Released


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Sep 30, 2001
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"Mechanically Divine", the new Sinemax Produktion-directed video from Swedish thrashers DARKANE, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's latest album, "The Sinister Supremacy", which was released in June 2013 via Massacre and Prosthetic."The Sinister Supremacy" track listing:01. Sounds Of Pre-Existence02. The Sinister Supremacy03. Mechanically Divine04. Ostracized05. The Decline06. Insurrection Is Imminent07. In The Absence Of Pain 08. Humanity Defined09. Hate Repentance State10. Collapse Of Illusions 11. By Darkness Designed12. Existence Is Just A State Of MindRegarding the album's title, the band said: "'The Sinister Supremacy' is a metaphor for the evil that controls us. It's the dark part of our minds and it’s inside us all. It tells us it's OK to do bad things, to hurt other people, and hurt ourselves. It guides us into making choices based on pure selfishness, and it thrives on complete chaos. "The cover art by Carlos Holmberg is a Rorschach test as seen by an individual who has completely succumbed to the sinister supremacy."Vocalist Jens Broman left DARKANE in August 2011 due to "personal issues." He explained in a statement, "At the moment my life is in a phase where I'm unable to find inspiration for new adventures with DARKANE and therefore it's best for me to pass on the mic."Mackrory sang on DARKANE's debut album, "Rusted Angel" (1999), and made a guest appearance on the song "Chaos vs. Order" on the band's 2002 effort "Expanding Senses".