Dethrone The Corrupted - Melodic Death Metal band from Slovenia


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Feb 5, 2014
Dethrone The Corrupted is a melodic death metal band from Slovenia - Europe. The band was founded in late 2012. Our music is expressing our concepts about the world, the system, the mind, the alter ego and the demons that hunt the] human soul. Recently we released our first EP with 2 songs entitled Open Your Mind and Psychological Warfare. But there are many authentic songs residing in our bag of tricks waiting to be released. Our main goal is to record an album as soon as possible.

The band just finished recording new 6 song EP that will be released in November 2014

We'd be really happy if you guys can give us feedback / critics about our music, we're trying really hard to make this work so any kind of feedback is welcome.

Link to our Bandcamp page:

Link to our Facebook page:

Link to our Youtube channel:

Song called: Psychological Warfare:

Song called: Open Your Mind:

All the songs are availible on band BANDCAMP page!

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Here is a guitar playthrough for our song called Materialistic Narcissism . The song is featured on our latest EP.

Check it out, write a comment, anykind of feedback is welcome!

You can give us a like on facebook:


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