Well, you know what i've said before, but the scroll test atleast, i like it. However, the lack of middle mouse button scroll support is a turn off. For anything else.. Eh, i dunno, some graphical polishing would compliment the site, like the.. motherfucking.. screw, heads? Language barrier the size of the moon here. ANyways, the thingamajigs on the corners, they have rust colour, but not rust texture, if you get what i mean? A bit more worn look and its perfect.

I love the slimegreen stuff, reminds me of a sexy Jackson Soloist, archtop with gold hardware. It had green quilt top, and this looks kinda like it, really cool

btw what are those chromosomes flying in the background? New addition? Love the colour but maybe the shapes and placings are a bit too random? I dunno mate, i'm no designer, haha
The background looks like you've been having a bit too much fun in Fireworks with the alien sludge or toothpaste brushes :p

The scroll bar has that chunky flash thing going - it looks a bit too cartoony, doesnt sit well, plus when I drag it up and down it runs a wee bitty squint.

I don't think the box thing really sits right either in the way it promptly stops, having everything enclosed in that small area will feel a bit crushed.

Overall theres a real jumble of different styles sitting in there, I mean you've got the logo which I will say looks pretty professional and then everything else kinda veers a bit on the cartoony side, plus there's a whole lot going on thats very distracting to the eye. I'd say if you can open it up and simplify it - then it will look a lot nicer.
Cheers guys!

Everything was drawn manually by hand from Photoshop! No wierd brushes here! :lol: Just fucko use of filters!

I wanna fix the flash scrollbox a bit... make it sexier and i am actually pissed withmyself for forgetting middle mouse button (I'm on my laptop trackpad at the mo cause my usb hub is 80km away and i need all my ports for other stuff) so i totally forgot about coding that in, hahaha!

Feedback duly noted!

Oh, i will make a better background, this was just a pissabout... might even leave it black!
Aahh that makes sense on the lack of mmb support :lol: I dunno what Öwen means about squint, i like how it functions in itself, the "slow down" effect, delay, whatever, it felt good, i liked it.

And wow, patience on photoshop :lol: I'd never have the patience haha :S

Also i forgot to say that i like the general layout, graphical things aside, the placement of things i like, how you placed the buttons etc

Dunno, black background, it would be cool if it could blend with the other stuff, but i suppose that would be fucked with all the different resolutions going about today. it would be cool with more of that green theme, atleast try it? :lol: