Does anyone here have these Opeth CDs, I have a question.

Pierced Spirit

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Sep 1, 2001
San Antonio, Tx
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I just got some Live Opeth CDs and Ive noticed that a few songs are fucking incomplete!

Chicago 2001 - is perfect

Rijsel 1996 - Advent is fucking cut. Its the first song live and it starts in the middle of the song

Milwaukee 2000 - Forest of October, the second song, is cut also and starts in the middle of the song. And is it me or does the quality severly drop after Vertigo?

Springfield 2001 May - Havent heard this one yet. It has Creedence live so this boot had better be perfect.

I know theres some people here who have Opeth bootlegs and Im sure these boots are pretty common so I wanted to ask if everyone elses are like this or what?

Thanks to anyone who helps
Mine are exactly the same I'm afraid. It's annoying, but it's better than having nothing!

I've got the May Springfield show, but havn't really listened to it yet. The sound quality isn't perfect, but Credence is definately complete. I think the only cuts are inbetween songs if I remember correctly

Hope this helps