Dog Fashion Disco - Anarchists Of Good Taste


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Dog Fashion Disco - Anarchists Of Good Taste
Spitfire Records - 2001
By Philip Whitehouse

Truly, truly weird. That's about the only way I can sum up Dog Fashion Disco. I have never heard a record as willfully bizarre as this one. However, since this alone is not going to help many of you to decide whether or not to buy the album, I suppose I'd better be more specific.

Coming across like a direct genetic crossbreed between Mr. Bungle, System Of A Down and a circus ringmaster's background music, Dog Fashion Disco basically couple punishing nu-metal riffs and beats with occasional trippy skips through the circus fairway. One minute you're musically skipping along with your candy floss, the next you're sent spiralling into a sinister soundscape of dementia, then forced gleefully into the biggest, baddest mosh-pit the band can find. And they're grinning all the time.

Dog Fashion Disco is not for everyone. I played this record before a few of my nu-metal, Korn/Slipknot/Disturbed-listening friends, and they unanimously went 'WTF?'. However, when played before a friend who listens to Aphex Twin, The Kidney Twins and other such luminaries of head-twisting music, she swiftly responded 'I love this album!'.

Therein lies Dog Fashion Disco's problem. Fans of Mr Bungle and System Of A Down will love them - but almost certainly ony if they love both of the aforementioned bands. Basically, the narrow-minded need not apply. The rest of us are about to hit the Ferris Wheel.