Dream Theater DVD Arrives!!

Seventh Son

Zero Salvation
Apr 16, 2001
Sydney, Australia
My copy of Dream Theater's M2: Scenes From NewYork turned up this morning, and I've spent the rest of the day digesting it.

To sum it up in one word: Awesome!

Mike fucks up a few times and his directing isn't to crash hot, but other than that it rocks.
Jordan is definitely the man. He shits all over Sherinian (although I'm going to see Planet X next month).
Best Petrucci has played since the Unplugged concert with Jordan.
Myung, amazing as always.
Even LaBrie sounds good for once.

On a whole, worth the purchase.
Damn I want this bad... pity I don't have a DVD player... I'll probably buy it anyway when I get some more money regardless of whether I have a DVD player... I'll just have to find someone else who has one and doesn't mind me sitting in there house for 4 hours watching it or just get my own DVD player once I got some money saved.
Mine is still on Order from Utopia!!
Where did you buy it from 7th Son?

In other DT related news. I bought my tix for the Planet X Sydney Show yesterday.
I was surprised to find out that Dave LaRue from the Dixie Dregs and Steve Morse Band is playing bass for the tour!! Woo Hoo. Should be killer!
Dave LaRue is playing in John Petrucci's band (with Mike Portnoy) when the guitar legend performs with Vai and Satriani during that G3 thing this year. Can't say I'd heard of him before I read that the other day, though :)

What sort of muzak does Dixie Dregs do? The only piece of music I've heard of theirs is DT's cover of "Cruise Control" on "A Change of Seasons" - I gather that they're not metal, but more jazzy rock kinda stuff? *shrug*
I bought my copy of the DVD from CDNow. But it is region 1 encoded. If you have a multiregion dvd player don't bother, it is coded with the new advanced code that doesn't work on multiregion machines.

I've got to call Vorticity to find out where in newcastle Planet X is playing. Can't wait to see them.

Re: Dave LaRue. He is awesome, one of the best bass players around. His work in SMB and Dixie Dreggs are both superb. Dixie Dreggs has some rather prog songs. Huge talent involved in both bands. Even their drummer is great (Van Romaine)
The Dixie Dregs have Steve Morse on guitar. That was basically enuff to get me into them, as he is my fave geetar player.
I have most of their albums. They are a jazz/rock/progressive fusion type band, who are all highly talented muso's.
Check out FREEFALL, which is my Fave Dregs album.
If you want to check out some of Dave LaRue's bass work though, buy Steve Morses STRESSFEST. Dave plays on it, along with Van Romaine on drums. It is heavier instrum,ental rock compared to the Dregs, but it kicks ass, and highlights Morse's Geetar ability as well! The guy is a freak. MAJOR IMPACTS is also really good!
Umm I don't know much about Dream Theater but on youse guys recommendations I recently got " Once In A Live Time" . Its really good, surprised me as some of its really heavy and then almost AOR stuff. In my humble opinion the lead singer (don't recall his name ) sounds like the guy in Styx a Pomp-rock mob from the States .
Its again damm good, what else would you recommend from these guys appart oboviously the new DVD , but as I don't have a player thats not a solution. Is that going to be released on VHS .

Bucko - You cant go wrong with SCENES FROM A MEMORY, which is basically the studio version of the live DVD. It is a concept album, and the musicianship is second to none!!

If you are after a heavier album, try AWAKE, which is my equal fave DT album with SCENES. AWAKE is bloody tremendous. Has some of my fave songs like Space Dye Vest, Scarred, 6:00, Erotomania, and Lifting Shadows.

Images and Words also rules. That was their first album featuring James LaBrie on vocals.
Speaking of which, Once in a Livetime is orbably James weakest perfoemance on cd, so dont judge him on that one. I think James has an absolutley fantastic voice.. He is in my top 5, but he does cop alot of crap!!
Anyone have his MULLMUZZLER cd? His voice really shines on that one!
I don't rate James as a great singer, although he does sound pretty good on the DVD. He just doesn't seem to have any character. Not like Ice Age's Josh Pincus, who has heaps of character and a better range.

I can't listen to Mullmuzzler, the mix just isn't up to standard. The next one is supposed to be fairly different.

On the best DT to buy, to hear DT at there overall best try Images And Words, or Scenes From A Memory. ACOS shows their technicality, and Awake shows how heavy they can go. If WDADU had a good mix it would be right up there in the must buys. The songs are great, but both the singer and the mix are terrible.