DROWNING POOL's C.J. PIERCE: 'We Have More New Songs Now Than Our Entire Back Catalog


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Sep 30, 2001
Virginia, USA
SRO Magazine's rock reporter Ferg recently conducted an interview with DROWNING POOL guitarist C.J. Pierce. You can now listen to the chat below.Speaking about the progress of the songwriting sessions for DROWNING POOL's follow-up to 2013's "Resilience" album, Pierce said: "We have tons of stuff. We have more new songs now than our entire back catalog, man. We've just been writing. Even before the 'Resilience' record [we were writing], but once Jasen [Moreno, vocals] joined the band, we all just clicked together and we're having fun with it. So we have a ton of songs."He continued: "What we've done recently is finally gone through all our stuff again and made a list of our eleven favorites. Because there are so many different styles of music — we can go heavy, we can go lighter, we can go in between. So we have all the songs picked out, and we were actually talking about producers and stuff today. "So, yeah, after we do this run [of shows], that's the first thing, we're gonna go in and make another record and get the new songs out to everybody. They're all ready to go — all written and ready to go, man."DROWNING POOL has just kicked off the second leg of its "Sinner Unlucky 13th Anniversary Tour", on which the band is playing its 2001 debut album, "Sinner", from start to finish. The "Sinner" album arrived in June 2001 and featured the monster single "Bodies", plus follow-up rock radio hits "Sinner" and "Tear Away".Original DROWNING POOL frontman Dave Williams, who sang on "Sinner", passed away from heart disease on the band's tour bus in August 2002, while the group was out promoting the record.The group said about the disc: "'Sinner' represents that amazing time in DROWNING POOL's career when things really started to take off. It reminds us of that raw ernergy and excitement we had when we first got our music out there… For us to be able to play the whole 'Sinner' record for our fans is such a great opportunity.""Sinner" has been reissued in a deluxe 13th anniversary edition featuring demos and other bonus content.