Drum Editing and more


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Aug 27, 2009
Oaxaca, Mexico
Hi, i'm here to offer my drum editing services. Prices are in mexican pesos per song

Quantisizing $150
Creating triggertracks from mic tracks for kick snare and toms $200
General ćleanup(bleed etc) $100
Program drums from audio track $250
Humanizing programmed drums(inc overdubbing real hats) $120
Drum Mixing $250

I also offer vocal editing $100 inc tuning etc...

And reamp through various FET emulations of tube amps through custom 4x10 cab

$50 per song

Solid state analogue emulations of:
ENGL powerball
BOGNER Uberschall
Peavy 5150
MESA Dual rec

with optional clone of rat,ts,mxr ds+ infront

Many others are available upon request

so your prices are actually

quantizing = $12 per song
Create Trigger Tracks = $16 per song
Cleanup = $8 per song
Program = $20 per song
Humanize = $10
Drum Mixing = $250

Vocal Editing = $8 per song

Reamping = $4 per song

^ running them through Slate's Trigger, picking samples that resemble the original, printing?
Possibly tweaking dynamics/velocity for consistency between each hit?
Is it legal to just print Slate samples and charge for them? Isn't that kinda like re-selling his samples? Seems like a bit of a grey area to me... I mean it's better than giving away the tci files or something, but I wonder how they'd feel about it.
If the trigger samples are self produced then that would be totally legal, it would be illegal if these samples are commercial, I guess.
No samples, nothing to do with slate trigger just a pop with varing intensity depending on velocity and its legal to do the slate thing as far as iñ aware but i dont have slate :rofl: