Drummer/co-founder Matt Suiter leaves Katagory V


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Katagory V's co-founder and drummer Matt Suiter has announced that he has left the band. This news comes less than a year after the announcement of guitarist Marc Hanson and original vocalist Lynn Allers also leaving the band.

Suiter has issued this statement concerning his decision. "After nearly ten years of playing in Katagory V, I have made the difficult decision to leave the band. This is a choice that I have been struggling with for a very long time, and have finally decided that it was my time to concentrate on other things in my personal life. I have enjoyed the many years with my brothers in Katagory V, both past and present, and am grateful for the many opportunities that came my way; many that I never thought I would ever experience in my lifetime. You could say that many of my childhood dreams were fulfilled by playing in this band. It was a lot of blood, sweat and tears and a labor of love, and I am going to miss it. I want to send a huge thanks to all the Kat 5 fans that I've met from near and far, and thank the many amazing bands and musicians over the years I was able to hang out and share the stage with, and for their kind words and encouragement, especially my metal brother Ronny Munroe (Metal Church)! And Finally, I want to wish my brothers in Katagory V the best of luck for the future."

Bassist Dustin Mitchell follows up with this statement, "I've been playing in various bands with Matt for over 15 years, including his long tenure in Katagory V, and I have to say that it's going to be difficult in adjusting to his not being behind the kit making an ass out of himself! He's been a good friend and cohort in crime for many years, and with Matt being one of the founding members of Katagory V, his keen sense of humor and contributions will be missed. He's busted his ass over the years, stuck it out during some real hard times, and his talent has not gone unnoticed by his band mates, the fans and other bands we've performed with. After 10 years in Katagory V, Matt feels he has done what he set out to do many years ago, and that was to just have fun making great music that meant something to other metal fans much like himself. We respect his decision one hundred percent, and wish him all the best. He had come to us with this decision several months ago, and was kind enough to stick around for one final gig as a farewell and also until we had found his replacement.

With that being said, there is indeed a new drummer in place that we are working with right now. We are not at the liberty to make an official announcement at this moment concerning who it is, however, we can only tell you at this time that this new drummer is more than qualified to fill Matt's shoes. I will tell you that this personal has a nickname and is being referred to as "Bizzaro!" Once we have had some more time to work with this talented individual, an official announcement and introduction will be made, as well as a status report concerning the next Katagory V album."

With Suiter out of Katagory V, the band now consists of Bassist Dustin Mitchell and Guitarist Curtis Morrell as the only remaining original members, along with new guitarist Mike Thiriot and Vocalist Al Rybka, who were both announced as recent additions to the band earlier this year.